Super good free pack!

(Sima Seal4) #1

But I wonder, is the and chance of two chases in a pack less than 1/x^2? Because I have opened far more than 400 packs ( Which should be the average number of packs for a double chase (because generally it’s a 1/20 chance for 1 chase)) and this has only occurred with me once.
Also, can anyone beat this?

(7nik) #2

Not so far ago I got 2 chases in one pack and one more in next pack <( ̄︶ ̄)>
Chance of a double chase should be 1/400 but for an infinite amount of opened packs. In reality, you can either open thousands of packs before it or get it even in the first pack, though the chances of such cases are very very small.
On the other hand, I’ve opened nearly 3.5k packs and I got a double chase a few times but not 8 or 9 times. Though maybe my memory isn’t so good as I think.

(Mckayrulez) #3

Got these twin chases last month.

(Sima Seal4) #4

Image getting 3 chases in a pack? Vagrantscout said 1/7 chance for super pack, and 20^3=8000 so 1/56000 chance.
That’s not happening to me anytime soon, but I would to see a screenshot of that happening!

(7nik) #5

No, it were regular packs. 3 chases in two packs in a row from the same series.

(Sima Seal4) #6

I know, I was just describing the ridiculous chance of getting 3 chases in one pack.

(7nik) #7

Yep, if you open such pack you are really lucky.
But every day over 20k packs are opened so every few days somebody should became lucky :thinking:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #8

The pack odds are based on the packs opened by the entire community, not by individual collector. For example, a 1 in 20 chance to receive a chase card isn’t based on the 20 packs you open individually but 20 packs opened collectively by the community. So this math is not correct as you are assuming the odds are based individually. I have gotten a double chase free pack exactly twice in 18 months.

(Astroasis) #9

I got two chases in a Superpack once… So 2 chases and an Uncommon all in one pack. That’s the best I’ve ever gotten in one pack! Wish I’d screencapped it.

(7nik) #10

Began to collect the series the day before out of print and got a double chase, I’m lucky :sunglasses:

(Abbiyr) #11

Personally, I feel like mine is pretty amazing :sunglasses:

(Sima Seal4) #12


Edit:Just realized the chance of getting a chase in that series is 1/3, but i’ll Leave this here because this series is extremely fabulous looking.

(Carebear1646) #13


(Sima Seal4) #14

Got this

And finished the series in the next free pack :grinning:

(Chess) #15

I got all chases in Equinox as well a couple months ago. I just saw this thread though, and hadn’t screenshotted it