Suggestion: Unaccepting trades/Undoing counters/trades

(Sima Seal4) #1

Suppose you have some pesky friend(or enemy) who wanted to mess with you and accepted some trade when you weren’t looking. Or you just misclicked. 2 times.


But I think this calls for unaccepting trades. My idea is your trade counter/accept/propose takes 30 minutes to go through, plenty of time to undo it if need be. The reason why waiting for the trade to go through is better than simply undo-ing a trade is because if your pesky friend is particularly malicious and evil, he’ll do this trade when the other person is online, not giving you any time to undo it.

I dunno if this feature would be any good, but this is just one of my thoughts.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Hey can you explain to me how this happened … just trying to get a little more clarity. Not sure if this is just a hypothetical situation or if this is in response to something that actually transpired recently …

  1. Did someone sign into your account as you and accepted a couple trades that you would have declined? Or was your profile open (or they grabbed your phone and just opened the NeonMob app) and they made these moves?

  2. Did you accept trades and then regret accepting once you took a closer look at the cards, etc?

I am all for having safeguards, not sure if reversing a trade would be the best way but open suggestions.

Joe @ NeonMob

(Sima Seal4) #3

The person who took your phone thing is a hypothetical.
However, I accepted a trade and immediately regretted it recently.

(7nik) #4

If somebody (especially if it isn’t my friend) took my phone, I’d be worried about something worse then unwanted actions in NeonMob app.
I’m with NeonMob nearly one year and during this time I’ve accepted a few trades about which I regret. But mainly there are cards from series I don’t collect so I just traded away or discarded the cards. I think you we should check trades more carefully.

(Wyando) #5

I agree with 7nik and have been in the same place, accepting a trade for a series I did not collect (was a series which exists in series and I wasn’t aware those cards were not for the one I collected but for a previous one (out of print) I wasn’t starting to collect. Lessons learned to double check when in doubt.

It does remind me of a costumer once, who never read twice when the “Are you sure?” question was asked and often called support to fix some data. So one day, I just added a few lines in the program which only affected her terminal (and not her colleagues, because the almost never had that problem) and for a few weeks she got them all:

  • Are you sure? yes/no
  • Are really sure? yes/no
    then a 10sec pause
  • Are you really really sure? yes/no
    Well, she was quite mad at me, but at then, when I changed back to “normal”, there have been a lot lesser mistakes from that person…

(Lonelee) #6

Making mistakes is part of life and games. Would be bad if you received a trade and still have to wait half an hour to be sure… No take back option please.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Naud van Dalen) #7

Speaking of safeguards, can someone just delete your account if you’re logged in or do you have to fill in your password again in order to delete your account? In either case, a hacker would be able to delete your account, so maybe a grace period would be nice in which you can restore your account in case someone else (or yourself for some reason) deletes your account.

(Naud van Dalen) #9

What happens after a user closes his or her account? It does say it’s irreversible and that you’ll lose everything.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #10

Using the close account feature in your account settings disables your account … cards and credits are still attached to the profile, but the account can now only be accessed by the admin staff. In essence, these accounts lie dormant as we finalize a strategy to reintroduce these cards to the collecting community. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Astroasis) #11

I definitely don’t think there should be a “take back” option for trades. Even though I’ve accepted a few trades I regretted… I was 100% responsible for doing so each and every time. I was in too much of a hurry, didn’t look it over closely enough, or was just plain distracted. Whatever the case, I was at fault for clicking “Accept” when I shouldn’t have - and it’s only fair that I have to deal with the consequences of it. That’s part of the game, and part of life.

If someone steals your logged-in device or hacks into your account, that’s a different story, and then I would think that the staff would help you sort it out.

And if you have a frenemy who does this kind of thing regularly, I’d think you might want to find some new (and much less annoying) friends :wink:

(Loimprevisto) #12

Accidentally accepting a trade has happened to me twice in the several years I’ve been using this site. Each time I politely messaged the other person and explained that I’d accidentally accepted the trade and proposed a new trade to reverse it. Each time the other person accepted it without an issue. We have a good community here and I think an undo feature would cause more problems than it would fix.