Suggestion: NeonMob Best of Series

(Matej Bystricky) #1

I don’t know if this is already a thing, if it is I couldn’t find it, but I though of an idea for new Official NeonMob series. It would be a compilation series of the best/most popular cards from many different series - optimally one card per series - that are no longer available (out of prints). The cards would be edited somehow (ie. small text “Best of 2018” in the corner) to make it clear that it’s not the original and the series would run for a very limited time (shorter than regular series).

It wouldn’t have to be just yearly best of, but also themed collections. Some examples:

  • NeonMob: Best of 2018
  • NeonMob: Best Drawings
  • NeonMob: Best of Cute & Cuddly
  • NeonMob: Most Bizarre Creations
  • NeonMob: Best of Dark & Menacing

I think it would be cool to have some select compilation series like this and a good way of honouring talented artists and maybe increase exposure to some lesser known creators on the platform.

One problem with this idea that I see is copyright and royalties distribution. But I think if the money collected from pack sales would go towards some charity or something like that, I can’t see any creator having a problem with that.

What are your thoughts?

(Lonelee) #2

Hmm…:thinking: If I like a card then I already have collected the original and end up with a duplicate. If I dont like the card then I end up with a card I dont want. So I guess I would not collect that series…

(Matej Bystricky) #3

:thinking: Hmm, didn’t thought about it like that. Well, now it doesn’t seem that good of an idea… :sweat_smile:

(Carebear1646) #4

i am actually not opposed to this idea - yes there are cards that we won’t want but at the same time i love finding ways to raise money for charity etc.- it also helps promote neonmob series and also ways to introduce you to cards/artists you may have missed out on