Suggestion for Packs collection totals

(Pandite) #1

Can there be a total number of packs opened per series on our personal pages, as well as public (option for public or private viewing) numbers?

I feel like it would be an added plus if users like me could see some numbers to more accurately determine where we want to invest free packs in.

Like I cant fathom how long it would take to do a near impossible series of 100 prints, but with some willing to do it, it would be encouraging to know around the ball park of how many free and paid packs it would take
there could even be an all time lucky scoreboard to rate how lucky some users are to complete sets as quickly as they do.
Past series can be calculated (mostly not accurate though) based on duplicates and dividing the total number by 2-3 x3 free packs a day-total packs invested (a possible number but most likely really far off.)

It could be a new practice going forward to provide in sight and just general fun facts for each user.

-A number totaling the amount of packs (free separate from paid) invested into a given series for specified users. e.g. PagodaPanda opened 18 free packs, 2 paid packs for Kojiki: Elemental Forces

-An option in account settings to make Packs Opened number private/public

-Scoreboard rating least amount of packs opened for a series before completion (not sure how one would factor in trading, or a scenario in which a whole series was completed just by trading)

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

This is a great idea, I am going to add it to our internal feedback board for further discussion. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

(Pandite) #3

I’m so excited! Thank you my friend.