Suggestion for ''Owners'' sorting

(Wyando) #22

I only wish there was a way to combine these 3 sorts depending on the sequence you use them, like
First sort on number owned, then on Traders Grade, then on complete series from least to max…


Or having a few checkboxes:
[ ] exclude 100%
[ ] exclue trader grade below {A-F}
[ ] exclude only 1 owned

(Sima Seal4) #23

There are arrows that sort
1.Trader Grade
2. Grade (Lowest to highest or highest to lowest)
3. Number if prints(^)

(Wyando) #24

Yes, I know, but as far I see, these are 3 independent sorts - somehow.

(Wyando) #25

I stand corrected, the 3 sorts are working together, depending on what has been sorted first.
(Sort by number of cards, then sort decending by percentage). Seems to stick for following up lists of trades.

(Ashleykolodziej) #26

I would LOVE an exclude 100% filter. I like to try and distribute my extra cards out to people who are closest to finishing off a series, but that’s super challenging when you’re in lower rarity cards, do the sort, and there are a ton of 100%-ers to scroll through.

(Carebear1646) #27

I don’t see this as a problem - many times i actually try to cross trade since they are done - ooor i flip the filter for complete - because then you get the people not close to finished :grinning: