Suggested Features

(Lisaa) #162

I’ve thought a lot about this aswell, trading full collections.
I have some finnished sets that I no longer find interesting, so it would be great to be able to trade the set as a whole for another one. I could also be a way to get that hard to get card, by giving a full collection for it.


Will there be chat on the app? Its kind of hindering my trading to not talk over aspects of trades.

(Missmanga1910) #164

For the app, I would like the ability to message people or to edit trades.

For just in general, I would like for the free packs to be available 24 hours after you used them. For example, if I use my free packs at 8:00 am, the counter would start then, and I would get more the next day at 8:00 am.

(Naud van Dalen) #165

I don’t like your second idea because if you opened free packs in the evening, you will have to wait until the next evening to get more, instead of being able to open them in the morning or afternoon. The time you get new free packs will keep getting later and later until you eventually skip a day’s worth of free packs.

(Missmanga1910) #166

Then it could possibly be a chosen thing. You could choose in settings a time when you want it, or you could have it as the default. Although, since people could cheat with this, if you changed the setting, you would have to wait a day ( or 24 hours I guess) for it to reset so you can’t get extra by choosing the defualt at 11:59 pm.:slight_smile:

(xUsako) #167

I actually kind of like the idea, since the packs used to “refresh” at 12 am (midnight) and I opened them then. But now that my country switched to daylight savings time, the packs refresh at 1 am and I am WAY too eager to open them asap (mainly because of paranoia of packs running out), so I end up staying quite late just to get my packs…
If something like this comes to the site, though, I could force myself to wait until the middle of the day and open my packs then, and then the feature would force me to keep doing that, because at midnight I will have no packs to open… my only available choice would be to go to sleep :laughing:


It would be cool if I got a notification when I helped someone else complete a rarity or core or complete series too.

(Mizorath) #169

We really need something for getting rid of unwanted cards, because let’s be honest, some of the amateur series are kinda…meh…And nobody wants to trade them, because nobody wants them. Just let us give them to the bot, so he can trade them with players that are actually interested in them.

(Aedia Clint) #170

What do you mean by ideas for > new features and function thingy?

(Lafwyn) #171

What about knowing where did you get a certain card? Like it’d read ‘packs’ or ‘traded from…’ when you got that on a trade…
Might be useful when you got a difficult card from someone not on your friend’s list and you can’t find the trade in the alerts history or you mail for that matter…

(Naud van Dalen) #172

I thought the same thing. They should really make it much easier to find opened packs and trades with the exact date and time instead of having to scroll a lot and only seeing x months ago if you’re unlucky.

(Castinbronze) #173

I know this has been mentioned before, but I’m going to mention it again because twice now I’ve accidentally broken completed sets.

Can we please have some kind of “lock” function for either individual cards or an entire completed set so we dont mistakenly trade cards we want to keep. I know there is the little triangle alert in the trade window, but obviously it’s not enough for someone like me who’s lost stuff in the shuffle of a trading frenzy :slight_smile:

Also, if the locked card or set also appeared greyed out to other people, they would be blocked (or at least warned) from trying to initiate a trade without at least engaging the card holder in conversation first.

(Emma) #174

You can change your time zone so you don’t have to stay up until 1 :slight_smile:

(xUsako) #175


now i feel silly xD
thank you <3

(Mellowmargarine) #176

I think custom milestone achievements as a creator tool could be really cool. Like, they could change the pictures for the usual achievements you get + add their own. The ones we have now are ok but lacks individuality when it comes to collecting different series, I guess.

(Naud van Dalen) #177

When countering a trade, make the counter offer button unclickable if the trade is unmodified.

Sometimes I counter with the exact same trade by accident after trying to find some better cards to trade and end up wanting to accept the trade and I click counter offer.

(SpootyEh) #178

This is a great idea!! When I started NeonMob I just opened any and every pack that I came across, now there are cards I don’t want, and I can’t get rid of them without trading, but with something like this, it would be a fun way to get rid of them!

(Castinbronze) #179

I’d like to be able to rearrange my “most recent” feed so i can push recently completed sets to the bottom and bring up sets i’ve been neglecting without having to first open packs. It would be helpful so i can best choose how to use my 10 free packs for the day.

(Pepumu) #180

Nagging you again with the handling of unwanted series, some series I don’t want to collect anymore, and i dont want them to show on my profile, it would be great if you guys let the unwanted cards go back somewhere but at least for starters have a way to mark series as unwanted to not show on the profile.

This need came to be because i even gave all the cards form one series and it still shows on my page.

(xUsako) #181

I think that might be some sort of bug. I’ve given away all cards from a series a few times before and the series disappeared from my list.