Suggested Features

(Oraclesaturn) #142

I’m not sure if this is already suggested…

Donation Pool

  • people can put/donate unlimited amount of cards in it
  • people can draw cards from the pool and receive 2-3 random cards a day (donating isn’t required to do this)
  • to get the circulation going, there are cards that can only be obtained from the donation pool (a series for this feature only). But it won’t be too easy to get those.

(Emmanuel) #143

This is most likely already up there but how about in the
[Search for cards…]

  • can you make it also searchable for series not just cards?

  • and when you’re editing your Bio, you can just edit it right away in your profile without going into the settings

  • and everytime you guys changed/improved the site can we have a little window or message showing what you guys changed

  • can we see how many free packs are available left when you open their checklist for always? Even after you spent your daily free packs you can still see how much is left

  • lastly, can we have little emblems of some sort near the title of the sets to indicate how much is left before they are out of cards. Or the title of the set itself changes color (gets darker in hue, etc)as it get nearer to getting sold out.

Sorry if that was long, but thank you guys and wish you the best!

(Naud van Dalen) #144

In the collection filter, I would like to see the total amount of variants/chases, just like the core series. In this case there are 6 total variants (Enthrean Radiance)

(Wanderyen) #145

I’ve a addition to the Animated Series. I’ve plans to make a full animated series, but, available for prints! For this happen we can have, in each entry, an option to put the “card image” (as video or GIF, like actually does) and another upload to the “print image” where I’ll put the high resolution image. This could be nice for normal series too cuz we can make a specific version for the card (with border and card-look like) and a refined version for print, or showing more than the card does, etc.

(Xephia) #146

I’d really like for it to be against the rules to message people copied and pasted messages asking for votes for their series. I’ve had a few of these, and I feel sort of uncomfortable with it because I want to support everyone but this just feels like spam

(Steph) #147

How about a kind of ‘lucky dip’ bin, where you drop in any card you don’t want, and are given a card of equal rarity and print count (or you could check a box to say '+/- 100/500/1000 etc. to give you a different print count) in return but from any random set. If there are no other cards of the same rarity and print count, you would just get the card you put in straight back. It would be a quick way of getting rid of cards from series that you don’t want to collect, without running the risk of getting something worth much less in return.

You could also choose to ‘donate’ cards to the lucky dip, if you don’t want anything in return.

(Artbyzef) #148

I’d like it if there were a feature that allowed you to trade in cards you don’t want any more for free packs, as in you can go through your entire library of cards and put it into some sort of ‘bin’ and once the right combo of cards has been put into the bin. It should probably be something along the lines equaling 1 extremely rare (1 ext. rare, 2 very rare, 4 rare, 8 uncommon, 16 common) or something similar. Maybe the cards in the bin can get recycled back into the series or something like that.
Reasoning: Sometimes I don’t pay attention to how many packs have been claimed in a series before it goes out of print/before I can’t collect it anymore, and when that point happens I’m stuck with an incomplete series. This is particularly annoying when the series has a high number of cards, but I only have a small number of them.

(Artbyzef) #149

I’d also like there to be a Trade Search bar (within a series or within your private collection) for more specific searches.
Something with a cross-reference search, such as “searching for” and “willing to trade” fields. It gets pretty monotonous going through all these card owners who have all of the cards you might be able to offer in a trade.
(Either field could be left blank if you want to get rid of a card, but don’t care what result you get; or if you want a specific card, but don’t have a preference as to what card you give in return.)

(Aedia Clint) #150

I think you can add a comment box on each art for people to criticize the art :slight_smile:

(Hane) #151

Alerts: if you click on an alert for a milestone, it will deactivate all current active milestone alerts for that series. because it seems silly for me to have to click back to the same page three times after completing three separate milestones after opening a bunch of promo packs and getting lucky

Mobile: so, you know the rad “you’re offering this is multiple trades” notification? not viewable when you’re on this site on a tablet/smart phone. I get the little triangle but you can’t view the notification, so I can’t tell if it’s because i’m trading a rare card, or the last of a rare card, or its in a trade already. if there’s a list somewhere of reasons the triangle shows up, that’d be helpful too.

Inactive Traders: really wish there was a way to see who hasn’t logged in/responded to trades in a few days/week.

(JB) #152

One that keeps bugging me - can we have messages and trade alert notifications separated?

I get so excited when I see that little pink bubble with a number - thinking a got a trade offer - and it just a message.

Always just bums me out!

(Hane) #153

Not sure if this was suggested but…
I would love to see original offers when people counter offer on them.

(Cumbermum) #154

Indicators for trade activity besides rating.

If there were an arrow or something similar next to the letter grade, that could open up more possible trades. I know I scroll past anyone who doesn’t have an A+ rating thinking, perhaps incorrectly, that they aren’t as active in the trading anymore and it would be a waste of a couple of days tying up cards in a trade. However, even if someone had a F rating but had an up arrow next to their rating showing they are actively trading again I would start throwing trades their way. This would also help knowing if someone with a B rating is a new person to the community (assume an up arrow) or someone who has gotten busy with life (sad down arrow). And someone like me who pretty much never logs out would either have a horizontal arrow or no arrow indicating no change.

I’d say this doesn’t have to be updated with every trade. Maybe once a day or something that makes sense to the software boffins. This could also be sorted on like rating or number of cards in a series. Again, you could find the people who may have lower ratings but are becoming more active.

Maybe this is too hopeful that the people with lower ratings are just very busy and haven’t forgotten about their accounts.

(Projectitzkeria) #155

I’m not sure if this has been suggested before, but I think a better trading system should be implemented. Perhaps a way to add a card that I seek and a card that I have, and then getting a list of all users which have the card that I want and not the card that I offer. I think that’d save a lot of time during trading.

(JB) #156

The powers that be advised that after the iOS app is released that they are tackling the trading code next!

(Dzobel) #157

yes. I would love the ability to mark one that I am not collecting or not trading!!!

(Blockerwiz) #158

A mobile app would be helpful, you can check trades easily on the go, and it would give you notifications when someone sends you a trade so you can keep up your trading grade. Having to go to the website on the browser can be a bit of a hassle sometimes.

(JB) #159

an iOs app is in development! Android will then be somewhere in the future after they upgrade the trading code

(Timhobbs) #160

I’d like to suggest a “card market”, similar to the market on steam, or the various trading sites for tf2. The market would allow a user to put cards up for trade while specifying what would be acceptable trades, and it could all be automated.

For example, I could put up a common in a series and specify that any other commons in that series would satisfy my demand, or possibly choose specific commons if I only needed certain ones. It would also be nice if it were smart enough to accept multiple cards for trade and allow me to specify multiple cards to receive but allow me to specify that I don’t want duplicates. That way I don’t put up 4 commons looking for 4 other commons and have all my commons claimed and receive 4 of one type of common I was looking for.

Trading is one of the more tedious aspects of the site and it often results in me not bothering to go searching for others where we are in need of one another’s dupes. I believe the market would solve this issue by allowing users to list their dupes and allowing those looking to trade to match up easily with other users that have/need the cards desired.

(Darkmoon Dancer) #161

I would love to see an option to ‘lock’ (and unlock if down the line I’d like to) a collection so that I don’t accidentally trade it’s cards away or get offers on them.

It might also be interesting to be able to offer to trade one collection for another? I don’t know how much interest there would be in this, but I hate having an incomplete collection, so I would be more than happy to trade all I have in a series for someone else’s incomplete collection if I have no further interest in trying to attain the remaining prints. I think this would be a very neat and tidy way to be able to trade more than 5 cards at a time and might allow for some interesting trading dynamics.