Suggested Features


I like that suggestion, and it might work best for the series I am most trying to finish. But it would be nice to have a list of all since I have over 125 series and half of them are incomplete.

(Imkevin) #123

It’ll be good to make your completed series be separated to those which are not and their duplicates will also be separated from the completed ones.
IT WILL BE MORE ORGANIZE :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Also the can you make the priority of putting online seekers to top than offline, so it would be fast to trade with each other.

(Teaandmilk) #124

series percentages is also a problem that i have for a long time since they changed the visibility to when there is free packs to be opened. i only managed to check up when i open packs. i suggest that neonmob create a watch list for those who are interested in a series in the style of “published submission page” like here and start putting series percentages on the cover art. this is also incredibly helpful for someone to decide to start collecting or not, because if you collect late in the series, you might need trade to complete sets.

(Rinne) #125

I’ve already suggested with the Feedback button, but I’ll repost it here anyway.

Trade Feed: A feed where every player can see all the latest posts of other players. A player can make his own trade post which would include which cards he/she is willing to offer, and cards he/she is looking for.
Additionally, this is the core feature of other trading sites and applications like TF2 Outpost and Star Wars Card Trader.

Series Favorite: This would be extremely convenient for daily Free Packs. While there are “Recent” ones, It’s more convenient when you just see your favorite series on your homepage and just click on them instead of scrolling down or typing.

(Astroasis) #126

Hey, so here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

I’ve always said I really, really like that the “Seekers” list is random. And I do. It guarantees that ALL users have a chance to get offered trades, instead of just the top N users getting all the trades while others get none. However, I’ve been thinking lately that it would be nice to be able to filter the list. In other words, the list would still be randomly generated - but users not fitting a certain criteria would not be shown. Because, randomly generated or not, we all know we skip over users who don’t fit our own personal requirements - not enough prints, too low of a trader grade, etc. I don’t think omitting users from the list who don’t fit a user’s wants would detract from the randomness and inclusivity of the generated list. The Seekers/Owners list could be filtered to only show users that…

  • are online currently
  • were active within the last day
  • have a trader rating above X
  • own over X amount of cards from the set (useful for Seekers)
  • own less than X amount of cards from the set (useful for Owners)
  • are no longer new (useful, since new users can’t trade high rarity cards)
  • are on the user’s friends list
  • the user has trading history with

Just an idea! Again, I don’t want to see “Seeking” lists become a Top N Users type thing, but the lists DO get unwieldy and some filtering would be helpful.

(Keara Adara) #127

Also that they have X & Y cards (Useful for trading more than one card per trade)
And that they have X card but not Y card (Useful for trading cards one-on-one)

I’d also like to say that it’s really annoying trying to trade old series with this layout (Eg The Orphanage and Little Pinkerton Big Adventure), since they all have many owners per card, many of which are now inactive.

(Emmanuel) #128

Being able to mark not-yet-started series so when you complete others, you could conveniently check them. I know you can just like them in the submissions tab but they can be easily flooded by the ones you just like (but will not collect) and such. Also you can get notifications from the series when 50% of the free packs are already claimed

(Tari) #129

Not sure if this has been suggested before, but any chance of trading prints for credits?

(Themay0r) #130

I wish I were able to see how many cards are left in a series, like when you make a series and select the size (small, medium, or large) it tells you how many common, uncommon, and so on there will be. I wish from the creator dashboard, you were able to see how many of a certain card were left, like if there were 200 prints of a card, I would want to see how many of the 200 cards there are left.

I also wish I were able to make posters, even though the images are GIFs. One way I thought to do this was to pick one cover frame for the image, and that is the image that is used for printing. Also, you know when you don’t have a card, and so that card appears black and white for you. And if it’s a GIF, then it doesn’t move, it’s just a still black and white card instead of a GIF? The cover frame idea could also be what the people see when they click on a card that they don’t have.

Well that’s just my two cents. Have a nice day :slightly_smiling:

(Themay0r) #131

I love that bounty idea!

(Anapatton) #132

Regarding trades, the “Rarity” filter in the drop box would be more convenient if it had check marks next to each rarity. That way, you can search for more than one rarity at a time, or search for all but one.

It is a small suggestion, but it would be helpful when trying to match a print one might request from someone, and be able to offer some equal rarity prints (if it is a high-rarity print) instead of a bunch of common rarity prints. Thank you for the consideration! :grin:

(Mamikochan) #133

I was just thinking it would be really interesting to see if we could incorporate “tasks” into getting an extra free pack. The tasks would have to be limited so people don’t abuse them, of course.
I’ll post any other ideas I think of in future :slight_smile:

(Alice Wieckowska) #134

The prints are great, but there should be an option to add a different file for the prints and for the card if your card is a gif or a video. You have to capture a specific frame for it to look good and make the dimensions bigger then your gif/video.

(Simply Dikka) #135

I would really appreciate some kind of a connection between the help/terms site, the forum and the main site. It is not uncommon for them to be three separate bodies, but it’s not that bad of an idea to be able to jump from one to the other, instead of destroying my back button or having to retype it every time.

Also, you’ve named one of the sections in the menu drop down as “Feedback”, which is traditionally a place where one is able to give feedback on bugs or small issues like that. However, this shows up I am guessing automatic messages from the team generated at certain points. I am pretty sure it can be named differently to get rid of the confusion.

I have already commented on twitter about the fact that the FAQ is supposed to be just a few FAQ about the main things. Three pages of huge font titles, that cut information into little pieces and open in a new page each is messy and I can’t see how it might be helpful to somebody older than 12-14 years of age. This is a website that offers people to sell and buy products in one way or another. Things must be categorized, on click they should open on the same page by spreading out, and they should be so grouped that it does not seem messy and make you go back and forth. I believe this is already a system that has been proven to work on a lot of websites and is nothing new.

The fact that the Terms and conditions have not been updated with the information that is in the FAQ, or Common questions as you call them, is a huge issue. I am really hoping this will be resolved as soon as possible, the terms are the legal agreement under which you participate in a trade, it cannot reflect different rules than those under which the website ACTUALLY functions, an example would be the fan art issue I had understanding, since when you post certain things are forbidden, then it turns out they’re not really forbidden, just have different rules to them. I don’t see consistency and so far I will just be a viewer. I would assume this is a new website and is still developing, but since the terms are from November 2015, it has been up for at least three months, not a couple of weeks, and things should be crystal clear legally speaking when you are dealing with people’s money, art, and copyright. I never saw a clear statement on what happens with the copyright when a pack is bought. Yes, it says on How can you use them, that you can share it with friends and brag with prints, however you call both cards and posters prints, and the is no clear line in this common questions that says “Copyright remains with the creator”. It is not enough to accept it as common sense.

There is a completely separate topic on that, that is who knows on what page since I had to search for “copyright” as a keyword. It says “owned by NeonMob, the creators, and/or 3rd parties that have licensed their work to NeonMob
” It doesn’t explain what part of it is owned by the site, what might include a third party, it does not clearly explain whether the owner also doesn’t have the right to do anything with them outside of the site. It does not state “the collections you get”, it just says “you may view and display your collection non-commercially”. Sooo get a better lawyer. Those are not supposed to be simplified that much that they don’t clearly state a point. Those HAVE to be worded a certain way to avoid loops.


(Whitney Ricketts) #136

Hi @simply.dikka — Sorry to hear this is upsetting you so much! Please do not assume that we are not hard at work connecting and updating all of our verbiage. We’re a small team (literally it’s just me on the community team), and I’ve just about finished an entire overhaul of the creator handbook, which covers all information and policies about creating in one place. (That information will also be duplicated in our FAQs; different people find information in different ways).

Our terms and conditions are up to date. Feel free to email me at if you see a discrepancy or have other comments from a position of legal expertise.

In terms of copyright, I think this is just a matter of misunderstanding — the copyright remains with the creator of the work. And just to be super clear: copyright of a work and ownership of the work (as a consumer) are two different things. As a collector, you do not buy the copyright, and NeonMob, as an organization, does not buy the copyright — we lease the copyright to the artwork in perpetuity from the creator for the purpose of making the work available on our platform.

As far as how you are able to display the images you have collected, our terms are fairly clear:

“With respect to any Art that you acquire from NeonMob or other Users via the Services, you may access, display, trade, and otherwise use such Art on the NeonMob Platform for non-commercial purposes only. You expressly agree not to, directly or indirectly, authorize, permit or take any of the following actions: (a) copy, reproduce, modify, or create derivative works of any Art; (b) use, access, display or exploit any Art without all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the Art; or © use or sell Art outside of the NeonMob Platform.”

Please feel free to reach out to me directly with additional questions or specific feedback.

(Naud van Dalen) #137

I don’t like how the odds are displayed, since many rarities show “almost all packs”, even though common, uncommon and rare have very different odds. Dragonica, for example, has “almost all packs” for common, uncommon and rare. What are the real odds?

I would like to see the chance to get a card with a certain rarity as a percentage, so it can be more accurate than “1 in x”, since if you change between free and paid packs, the odds seem to differ if there’s a different amount of cards in each pack, but that’s just the rounding off that makes the difference. Also, the odds are more than 100%, since it’s the chance to get 1 card with a certain rarity by trying multiple times (multiple cards in one pack). That way, you can not be sure how rare the card really is by comparing it to a series with a amount of cards per pack.

For example, Without Details has 2 cards in a free pack and only 1 card in a paid pack (probably because they can make paid packs half the price, which seems to be working, since it’s sold out before the free packs are gone…) and the rarities differ a bit.

Because of the higher odds to get a card when there are more cards in a pack, you need to open less packs to get it and the accuracy of the “1 in x packs” gets down. At least Without Details has a 1 card pack, so you can see the real odds per card, so you can more easily compare it to cards of the same rarity from other series. Although it’s more difficult to calculate the value of a common card, since an uncommon card is not worth 5 times as much, but about 2.5 times as much (add all the odds together and subtract them from 100% to get the chance to get a common, which is about 50%) (The funny thing here is that an extremely rare card is less rare than a very rare card, but the print count is lower, so it’s still worth more.)

I don’t know how to fit another button in there (Odds per card), but it would sure be nice. :stuck_out_tongue: It would be much easier to calculate the true value of a card. Right now I do 1 divided by print count and multiply it by rarity (1 for common, 2 for uncommon, 4 for rare, 8 for very rare and 16 for extremely rare), but why are the rarities exactly double the value of a lower rarity (most people calculate this way)? Often I see that a very rare card has much lower odds than a rare card for example. And what about chases and variants? I often look at the odds and multiply by the x amount of packs, but that doesn’t work for cards with “almost all packs”, which also sometimes includes chases (The Light) or variants (Kingdom Animalia), so there’s no way of knowing the chance to get their rarities. I could just look at print counts, but then an extremely rare is only worth twice a rare in many cases, which it is not. Also, a 1000 print count common card is obviously not worth 5 5000 print count extremely rare cards. It’s so easy to get a common, whatever the print count is, but an extremely rare card is really hard to get, even in Lost Realms, for example. I actually stopped collecting Lost Realms, since they have no trade value to other series. (let alone NeonMob Masterpieces, with unlimited prints)

TL;DR: Please show the chance (in percentages) that a card is of a certain rarity, regardless of the amount of cards per pack, so that calculating the worth of a card becomes much easier. If it doesn’t fit in the design, make an option somewhere to toggle it, so people who really want it, can turn it on.

(Whitney Ricketts) #138

I hear you on this one — we’ll brainstorm some feature ideas to address this!

(Naud van Dalen) #139

The mobile app does show the odds per card:


You can actually see the odds per card on the mobile app and the odds of common and uncommon cards, which is really helpful, since you can see that uncommon cards are 3.5 times as rare as common cards. Also, rare cards are a little over 2 times as rare as uncommon cards, yet extremely rare cards are not exactly twice as rare as rare or very rare cards, like you can see on the website. (very close though).

I would check the app for the correct odds if I could, but I don’t have an iPhone.

(Katechaste) #140

I think it would be VERY useful to have an extra feature on the trading menu where you can choose to see only the collections both parties are collecting

Please make this a thing, I believe many of us would agree that this would make neonmob much much easier :slightly_smiling:

(Simply Dikka) #141

Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it. What I said about the terms was because a few hours before that I was told that currently the fan art terms are only in the FAQ, and that was different than what was popping up while submitting. Overall I enjoy the idea of the website a bit too much I guess, it really seems like something that will bring back a really simple and beautiful love towards art in a way that is a bit forgotten, and since I am so excited about it I get too frustrated when things don’t seem to be right, certain and well communicated. I know I come across as annoying and nit-picking in such cases, but all I really want is to be able to be a part of something different, and so far all I can do is follow how things are developing because things are not corresponding in a way where I can be certain as a participant that all users are aware of the rules. When you see something explained once in one question, you’re rarely going to look for a deeper explanation on the same topic that goes a bit deeper into it in the next couple of pages, which is obviously pushing me far. The rest of the things before that were really from the point of a user used to a way that a site functions, and are only connected to UI, which in places really can be better.