Suggested Features

(Thatdamnsnail) #102

My suggestion is that whenever a series gets sold out there will be like a request or notification to everyone who has something in that collection, asking if they’d like to donate the pieces they have back to the website to create more packs for other people to open them and ofcourse you’ll be allowed to choose what to donate and what not to or refuse entirely.

Cause sometimes I get kinda mad when people who almost complete their collection and then there are people who have the pieces they’re looking for but they don’t even care about that specific collection.

(Martin M) #103

I would like to add onto this and suggest also that you can get free packs from donating DUPLICATES of sold-out packs back to Neonmob.
Maybe 5 duplicate prints = 1 free pack of your choosing. (Ofc those that have not sold 80% yet)
This way, I could get low-quality prints in a series and don’t feel like they are a waste, bc they can be recycled later.

(Matthew) #104

Hm. I’m not that fond of this idea, since it would basically lead to those donated packs being common trash dumps, in exchange for the chance to get valuables. I also like having large numbers of duplicate prints, because it means more to trade away with time. Also, this opens up the possibility for people just recycling cards to get those final prints in a series, while diluting the newly created free packs with commons while taking the valuable prints and scrapping the rest in a cycle. Which I think of as being against the principles of neonmob, and unleveling the playing field in favor of those who have tons of duplicates. And, if you can’t select which duplicates you were getting rid of, I would avoid the feature entirely since valuable duplicates which I would be planning on trading would just disappear from my collection.

(Teaandmilk) #105

is it possible to put the print number for the commons in the drop down trade menu? it is fine trading within the series but it gets frustrating trading cross-series, unless the person is able to remember what is the common print count for each series. (i know that we can check but it is very difficult when there are so many series) chase and variants vary, but the number of prints stay constant. just like how a 1000 prints common would have 200 prints for its extremely rare.

for example, i have been collecting objects of my affections (8000) and when i completed the series, i had a bunch of dupes that i would like to trade for other series. the problem now is to find a series which the number of prints corresponds to object of my affections, which could be walter’s experiments (8000) or cutie treats (8000).

however, for someone who is not familiar with certain series, they would have to click on new series one by one at the drop down menu and it can be a tedious process because print count is a sensitive issue in neonmob. so may i suggest this:

Abnormalia 2193 Tech Armours (1000)
Alphabet Compendium of Foods (4000)
Colorful Void (2000)
Lost Realms (50000)

or at least an easier way to access all print counts for different series collectively for trade. (other than going to all series, and then, grade to sift through the prints that have the same number for that grade)

thank you.

(Stevieraedrawn) #106

Improve trade feature:

  • On the modal that displays people seeking a print or people with a print, allow sorting/filtering by trader grade, number of prints and series, etc.
  • It would be invaluable to be able to search for people to trade with via multiple critera. A good trade usually requires more than 1 card, but you can currently only see people based on 1 card at a time.


I’d like a few different lists.

A list of all complete/incomplete series.
A list of my most rare prints in order or rarest to least rare.
A list of all duplicates across all series.
A list of my series in order of completion under 100%.

Is there a way I can make my own custom queries? :smiley:

(Teaandmilk) #108

also to add to this idea, the ability to mark series as complete. it’s because some people only do the core and consider it complete, some only do core + chase, or core + variants, or other combinations. or maybe the person just likes a few prints from the series and not planning to collect it all. it would be counted as complete for them too.

so two things
ability to mark series as complete
ability to mark series as actively collecting
ability to mark series as not collecting at all (no prints from this series will be accepted)


In addition to a trader grade, I would like to get a trader frequency rating. I’d like to trade with others who are active traders like me.

(Matthew) #110

I second this, and also see this as a way to answer an additional issue I have had, with seeing the progress on streak milestones.
A way to solve these problems is to have the “streak” that the person has displayed next to their grade, in number form in the messaging view, or in category form (week/yesterday/entire month) in the view owners/seekers view.
Glad someone else is thinking the same.

(Teaandmilk) #111

neonmob, is there a better way to view trades other than clicking on those one by one? it has been a constant source of frustration when trading, especially when i can trade up to 15 trades at one time when actively collecting. thank you.

(JB) #112

there used to be - we had dashboards to look at all our trades at once with all prints involved. Not sure why we can’t have that back.I agree “You proposed a trade” is epically annoying! Not sure who thought that was even remotely helpful.

(Oraclesaturn) #113

Some Suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Need community presence (some live feeds, new members, or rankings maybe?)
  • Compact Layout (but not too small) for categories in Collect Page. (make it more like browsing a sleek online store/gallery. It feels like a default blog layout right now. and also include the pack border thing for each cover to separate cover design from cards)

And I’m posting in a wrong topic, yay! runs

(Matthew) #114

I’m actually more fond of the new display as it is, I like the distinction which the pack border gives to the actual packs. However, each to their own opinion. :slightly_smiling:


Not everyone who has 1/99 is actually a seeker of prints in that series. I don’t mind that they are listed in seekers, but it would be nice if we could mark and print or a series as something we are actively collecting so we are at the top of the seekers list.

(Ominous21) #116

I noticed that you can change your time zone. It would be good to have the timezone be something you have to choose when setting up your account, and then locking, so that people can’t open a bunch of free packs, then change the time zone, open some more, change the timezone, and so on.


That really works? I just changed my computer time zone and the neonmob site time zone and it still says I am 6 hours away from free packs.

(Onjikun) #118

As someone with a tab perpetually open to NeonMob on my phone, I agree 100% that the official NeonMob mobile app will be a must-have-day-one download.

(Teaandmilk) #119

here’s the progress picture from rogie’s twitter account :slightly_smiling: it looks so good that i am getting excited.

(Ominous21) #120

Oh! I guess not.

(gugustiuc) #121

So who here is currently doing this in their bookmarks to keep track of the percentages for remaining free packs ?

I honestly wish I had this info on the collectors page, maybe somewhere near the recently collected series. Make it a bit easier to prioritize without having to check every series page one by one. It might be confusing since there is also the new progress percentage but I don’t know, what do you guys think?