Suggested Features

(Sasha Black) #81

Needs an app. I’ve fallen in love with neonmob but I despise using the browser. Neonmob deserves and would be used easiest hand held on app.

(Whitney Ricketts) #82

We have an app in development! Do you have an iPhone?

(Matthew) #83

On the note of apps, is there an Android one in the works?
I’ve seen plenty hints to the iPhone app on twitter and on the forum, yet I have yet to hear of an Android version. I am probably mis-remembering, yet I think there was some talk of it a month or two ago, though I haven’t heard anything since.

(Whitney Ricketts) #84

We’re working on shipping the iOS app before beginning development of an android app — stay tuned! Are you still working on your android app in the meantime? Some of our engineers saw your post about that and would love to see what you’re building.

(Matthew) #85

That was something which I wish I could say yes to, but unfortunately cannot. I was messing around with Electron, which allows web code to be turned into desktop apps. I deleted that post after the realization that I don’t really know what I’m doing :smile:. I’ve still been poking around, yet since then I haven’t made any real advances. It’s basically just a different window for a web browser constantly pointed at Neonmob at this point.
However, using Electron might be a simple solution to creating an app for your team since it would use the code for the website you already have, yet stored offline in app form. Electron also spans across all desktop platforms (I’m not sure about mobile), which is an additional plus.
PS: Slack was made with Electron, as well as Visual Studio Code. Both cool pieces of software! NW.js is an alternative to Electron, too.

(Underoathgirl154) #86

I made a post earlier about a suggestion to make the site better so I’ll just copy and paste it here.

"So this idea came to me after having so many trades rejected or left to just expire…

I was thinking it would be much simpler and would avoid having to dig and dig for people who are active, who have been active lately, or just don’t want to trade certain prints (and lets just say this…How in the world am I supposed to know that you cherish the 15 copies of that one super common print.) Maybe something like a Trader’s Square where people put up prints they are wanting to trade and you can see who is wanting to trade out something that you are searching for? It seems to me like a complete waste of time waiting for people who have either been offline forever or don’t want to trade out certain prints. So maybe make it a little easier for avid traders to locate and trade with others."

(Quasarcat) #87

Ya got me. I can’t help it! Cat is best print. :smile_cat:

(Teaandmilk) #88

what about the ability to follow the profiles of artists we love? this way, we can get notified when they submit a new series so we can support them to get published and collect them.

(Scetch) #89

Trade History, Categories, Top Scoreboards (Amount of Cards, Variants, Chases, etc.)

All of the above would be great.

(Shanwow13) #90

Mine is simple. I would love to be able to see who is online outside of my friends so that I can make trades faster.

Thank you!

(Keara Adara) #92

Can I triple like this?


If I am speaking out of turn because this already exists, let me know. But it would be nice if from the series profile screen it would say how large the release is. Meaning, there 10,000 of each common and I can collect at my own pace, or are they only 800 of each common and I need to collect aggressively.

(Jens Hviid) #94

You can check by trying to trade one but a more direct method to find it out might come in handy yes.

(Keara Adara) #95

This please.

Especially about the chases! If a new/small/both series is released and no one got a chase yet, then I can’t tell how many there are. And this is annoying because are there 50? Is there only 1? Should I bother buying packs to see if I can get it or should I settle with the core series?

(Melissa Whitney) #96

As a creator, I think it would be nice to have a comments sections for series. This way people can say what they like or didn’t like about a series. They could also request the artist make a second set of that series. The sales chart can only tell me so much.

(Whitney Ricketts) #97

We’ve discussed adding comments to submissions, which I think is the most appropriate place for feedback (before you do the work to make the full series)!

(gugustiuc) #98

I suggest having a pinned topic for the mobile app that way we don’t get a topic every month from people asking when’s the mobile app coming or if there is one. It could also be use to post updates if the team feels like it’s necessary.

(Matthew) #99

I have been using this one as that topic:
It was the one which I first saw app discussions in, and it has the most information in it, too.

(Tarian Stephenson) #100

Um can we please like/favorite our preferred collections so when we come back we don’t have to go searching for them , they could be in a list under fav collections

(Szxz) #101

Can you please consider to copy & paste Steam card treading?
It helps earn money, sets value to “prints”, helps with trading(almost no guesswork) and speeds up trading process.