Suggested Features

(JB) #61

Appreciate the feedback @whit - to be clear I was flustered with the updates to Neonmob’s main site today - figuring out that Discover is now Collect took a minute after the long day I had. Guess you could say I have a “case of the Mondays”.

(Whitney Ricketts) #62

Absolutely hear you! And it’s always good to hear what you find frustrating/confusing — that will help me better message to the wider community tomorrow. So sorry we caused a hiccup in your Monday!

(Astroasis) #63

Hi! I’m having a problem with the new layout on the Collect page. It locks my browser up pretty badly and takes forever to load. I’m on Windows 7 and using Firefox. I’m avoiding going on the page for now, and I can still open packs from my collections, but unfortunately, I don’t know how else to see the new sets on the site :confused:

(Teaandmilk) #64


Would it be possible to merge new alerts into the browser tab label just like Facebook Message when I am using the NeonMob website itself? Something like “(3) NeonMob” whenever there is a new alert saying that a trade is accepted or declined, or when there is a new trade. And it disappears when we mark it as read. I think that this might be helpful to people who leaves their NeonMob website open all the time in browser as they multi-task, instead of having to click on the tab itself every time to find out if there are new alerts (which is far and few in between) if they are not logged into mail. This also feels like a slightly better option than always having to check mail and then, getting rerouted to NeonMob itself when you are already on a computer. Why not make the process more direct? I recommend that we have both options. Thank you.

(Jens Hviid) #65

I mostly use direct links to navigate to where I want to have a look for less waiting.

I browse the new series here:

You can save pretty much every link for faster accessing.

(Astroasis) #66

Thank you so much, Jens! That helps a lot!!

(Whitney Ricketts) #67

Thanks for the feedback! I will pass along this awesome idea to the team. :slight_smile:

(Szxz) #68

What about sorting?
Like sort art from any collections to form you “playlist”. Like to gather all #1 or something. Or all variants you have.
And ability making this collections locked from trade(this can help with hopeless trades).
I think “Owners” and “Seekers” not very effective way of trading. Could it be 3rd button “Trade” and check-box on prints “for trade” and other peoples “want”? That way list in “Trade” cold be compiled from your “for trade” and “wants”.
I feel general lack of sorting on NeonMob. Like in “collection” screen i want to sort by duplicates and rarity at the same time but it can’t be done for some reason.
Thank you.

(Whitney Ricketts) #69

Great idea! This is something we talk about all the time and are working on internally. Keep the ideas coming! What ways do you want to be able to sort your collection? Here are a few ways I know I would:
— See what prints are posterable
— Sort by rarity

(JB) #70

I would love to be able to also sort my prints paired with their variant - like unicorn empire, land walkers and darwin’s secret.
I’d love to be able to see the original and the variant side-by-side!

Also would love to be able to sort into my own defined “collections”.
Like if I wanted to display all the prints that had cats in them regardless of series that I could group them together to display and the set/artist could appear at the bottom.

(Mira) #71

Hi Whitney & NeonMob,
Out of all the suggestions here, I would most like to have my trade history back.
Thank you for considering!

(Mira) #72

How about favorites?
It would be great to see them in the bigger format, either as a way of sorting your collection or on the favorites page.

(Quasarcat) #73

PLEASE BRING THE ONGOING TRADES BACK! It is so difficult to keep track of trades without it. And trade history made made it possible to keep track of what kind of trades people were accepting for rarer prints of a series, like ER and special rarity. D:

(Keara Adara) #74

What’s this ongoing trades thing? I’ve never heard of it before. I would’ve thought I’m not new anymore but apparently I still am a relative newbie.

(Quasarcat) #75

How long have you been on?

(Keara Adara) #76

Since September, I believe.

(Quasarcat) #77

Of this year? I’ve been on since late June of last year.

(Keara Adara) #78

Yep. Since September this year. When was this removed?

(Quasarcat) #79

Wait, hold on. I’m sorry, I’ve confused my seasons. I’m not quite sure why I thought I joined in 2014, I meant to say 2015. As for when it was removed, it must have been anywhere from mid August to September before you joined, as I was gone for a few months, up until October. Basically, It was a whole page dedicated to all trades past and current.

(Boonchuan) #80

Bringing it back will give us a lot of convenience.