Suggested Features

(Matthew) #41

I assume this will quite logically be for all rule breakers, though maybe have a specific flag button for main account, for duplicate accounts. Or a dropdown field after flagging someone, to indicate the reason and details like that.

(JB) #42

:hand: :arrow_up_small:

(D351) #43

You are definitely not the only one who doesn’t like it. It’s made trading significantly more difficult to manage. Hopefully, a future update will bring back the thumbnails that gave a glimpse into what the trade was for without having to pull the whole bloody thing up, because “You proposed a trade” is not useful at all.

(JB) #44

The “You proposed a trade” is the most infuriating update yet!
Who thought that would even be remotely helpful?

Wish they would have just left the dashboards and not put pictures in the message feed.
They take up WAY TOO MUCH ROOM, and makes it hard to chat around.

And lost our trade history AGAIN! Wish they would just put it back and leave it alone.
I wasn’t broke until they tried to fix it…

(Adorablebadger) #45

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I really love the site, but the harder it gets to actually use, the less likely I am to keep returning. Really the only reason I’ve been visiting once a day has been to open packs, but I’m really losing interest in that since I usually can’t finish a series without trading (which is to be expected since this is a trading game), but it’s all such a hassle.


I think seeing the items in the trade is really helpful when making multiple trades - they you can easily keep track of what you have already asked for.

(Sandwichhero100) #47

I seriously don’t get why you guys are so mad about this. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

(Lisaa) #48

I would like to be able to enjoy the art I’ve collected more. Small changes that would help:

  • Larger pictures. For example when a pack is opened, it would be nice if the print was displayed a bit larger, so I can appreciate it better. I know you can download it to have a closer look but that’s just tedious.
  • Ability to view prints recieved in trades. As it is now I find no way to look at my recieved art beyond the tiny thumbnail without going through my collection looking for it. I rarely do that, so some of the prints I own I barely know what they look like which is sad for an art site.

Also, it would be fun to see some upgrades on the displays on the top of user pages. Not sure what, but it would be fun to be able to do more with them.

(JB) #49

I like that I can see the items - but I really don’t want to look at my trades one at a time, and the fact that all the trades I have offered out look the same in the trades drop down is NOT HELPFUL.

I have 9 outgoing trades right now - and I don’t know which is which without opening them one by one - at least before there was a pic of the highest value print you offered - so you had an idea - now there is nothing to tell them apart.

I just want the old windows back that let you look at all your trades - and the prints offered and asked for - on one magical, super helpful screen.

(Boonchuan) #50

Yeap I missed this function too :slight_smile:

(gugustiuc) #51

It would be nice when you enter the Owners/Seekers windows people from your friends list appeared at the top if they qualify for the seeker/owner. Having to check every friend’s collection gets a bit annoying after a while.

(Adorablebadger) #52

So I’ve been offering trades again to try to get used to the new windows.When I try to find people to offer trades to, the new window will show up that we have traded before. But it doesn’t tell me if they accepted or declined the trade, or what the trade even was. When I click on it to try to find out what the trade was, nothing happens. Is this meant to work this way, or is this a glitch? I don’t keep lists of what trades I made to whom and whether or not they were declined because I rely on the website to do that for me. So how can I see if I have already offered my trade to a user and they declined it? I do not want to accidentally offer the same trade to the same person again if they declined me the first time. Has anyone else had this problem?

(Keara Adara) #53

I’ve just noticed that a new NeonMob promotion video came out. Is this an advertisement? Will it be screened on platforms like YouTube, etc.? Just wondering. It looks great!

(Whitney Ricketts) #54

The main goal of making that shiny new video was to better convey the spirit and magic of NeonMob to new users during their first visit to the site, but great question — we will likely add it to paid placement rotation on YouTube, and explore other possibilities including Hulu, etc. Glad you like it!

(Whitney Ricketts) #55

That’s a weird bug! I haven’t heard of this one before. What browser and OS are you using? Can you upload a screenshot of what happens in the trading window?

(Adorablebadger) #56

I’ve seen since posting that there is a bug thread, which this should have gone in. Sorry!
It’s actually gone back to normal now,so I can’t get any screenshots. If it happens again, I’ll be sure to get one, though! Not that it matters now, but I’m using Windows 7 and Chrome.

(Sarab) #57

When checking for owners of a print - collectors with duplicates who are “friended” could be prioritized at the top of the list ahead of the other collectors. And perhaps those with F ratings could be at the bottom,


Sorting on the trade screen would be immensely helpful!

(JB) #59

Is it too much to ask that we get a heads up when updates to the site are coming and maybe after the update an email telling us what changed?

That would be nice instead of us just logging in and having to figure it out on our own.

(Whitney Ricketts) #60

We shipped a few updates this afternoon, @silvermelowldy, and we’re testing them to ensure that there aren’t any issues before we announce them — it’s not too much in the least, just give us some time!