Suggested Features

(Szxz) #21

API to create a game based on your series. You now like TCG.
If some series creator wants to add a little game to art on there website.
i know that i can try to do something like this with my art on my website. If it will be accepted.
With functions like login(), getFriends(), getUserCards().length()

English is not my first language.

(Szxz) #22

Option to change(destroy) unwanted cards(images) for somthing like coins/credits 0.01 of a credit =)

(Lisaa) #23

About the art displays on the top of user pages:

  • When I try to change anything in the bottom row the popup is too far down, making it hard to use. It should at least have the bottom of the window be at the bottom of the screen.
  • I think the order of the pieces should be decided by the user instead of randomized. The ordering do affect how good the display looks!

(Boonchuan) #24

Maybe something like this, collect and trade in 10 copies for a gold frame copy with the 10 copies shredded and destroyed?

(Onjikun) #25

After a recent trade I had, I got a new suggestion: you know how the trade window shows those warning signs for pieces that you only have one print of, or that you’re already offering in another trade? I think there should also be a similar warning sign for pieces you’re requesting from another person, which they’re offering in a trade to someone else. This could be useful if they only have one duplicate of that piece and don’t want to give up that piece completely, which could lead to the offer being declined or countered.

(Szxz) #26

And this can be with no free option.
Thank you =)

(Matthew) #27

onjikin! We think alike, I already mentioned that in a thread somewhere about trading. I agree that it’s a good idea, and am glad that some others have felt the need for that as well. I had only thought of it from the perspective of prints that you’re asking for in other trades, though I like the integration of what they have in trades as well…

(At least I think I posted about it… I’m not so sure now if I did or not… Either way, I was thinking of it)

(Keara Adara) #28

This is kind of a mean suggestion, but perhaps reporting a user. Not in the “Sending a message to an admin” kind of way, but a button in the main site next to a user’s profile, or maybe in the chat box. And perhaps some kind of team, or a group of trusted members, to sort through it?

It would be easier to report people with more than one accounts, or people who frequently have unfair trades with the same person. In that manner, if members could anonymously report others with ease, we could build a more trustworthy community, I guess. The report button does nothing on bigger sites like YouTube, but it should be effective in a close-knit community like ours.

And I suppose it would be satisfying to be able to do something about those people.

(Matthew) #29

[quote=“kearaadara, post:28, topic:67, full:true”]
This is kind of a mean suggestion, but perhaps reporting a user. … And perhaps some kind of team, or a group of trusted members, to sort through it? [/quote]

I’ve been just reporting people through the feedback email link on the side of the home screen. I worry that a button would get abused, though.
I don’t know if I’m remembering this correctly, but I think I read somewhere that there is such a button for the ambassador team members (example I think they can also review their flagged accounts, though I’m not 100% certain on any of this.

(Whitney Ricketts) #30

We are rolling out a new ambassador program in 2 weeks! User reporting / flagging will be part of this team. (and please raise your hand if you’re interested in being an ambassador, or getting more involved with NeonMob on any number of levels!)

(Boonchuan) #31

Can I raise my hands virtually? I would be honored to be part of the team if I managed to be selected.

(Sandwichhero100) #32

Me too :)! It would be awesome.

(Keara Adara) #33

Would be honoured to be selected, really love NeonMob, but I’ve only been here a few months :frowning:


I have my hands in the air, but it is because I really care!

(Adorablebadger) #35

Can we please do something about the new layout of the site? Mine is showing the arrows pointing in opposite directions as the trade icon. This menu is really, really terrible. It’s less user friendly than it was before! I really prefer the old layout because it was easier to glance at and see which trades I had out and whether or not I had traded with a user before. Now it’s really just a mess.

I would also like to be able to sort users by rating, number of cards, and so on, and the ability to close a window by clicking outside of it. It’s incredibly tedious to try to find someone with a card you are looking for who might be interested in what you have to offer for it, so the marking which cards/series you are interested in is a great idea.

Can we get the option to turn off messaging? And can we also make it so that getting added to someone’s friends list needs approval? Or at least a way to hide our online status?

I actually stopped offering trades for a long time because I hate the system for it. It’s very tedious and time consuming! I love the concept, and I know working out the logistics for a site like this is really difficult, but I think it can be improved a lot.

(Matthew) #36

I raised my hand via direct message, but I’ll raise it here too! Thanks for a great site, I’d love to become more active in it.


I’d love to be an ambassador! What else is involved in the role aside from reporting/flagging?

(Nick Barrett) #38

Raising my Hand!

(Whitney Ricketts) #39

Thanks for the feedback, @adorablebadger! While we hear you loud and clear, the majority of feedback about the most recent site update (combining trades & messaging) has been incredibly positive. Before, there was tons of toggling between messages and trades - and often people message before/during/after trades, so we wanted that interaction to be less onerous.

Our team works day in and day out on the layout of the site, discussing and reviewing all user feedback, and we’re shipping new features and updates every two weeks. We empathize with your complaints about the current trade system and are planning to tackle that feature holistically in the next few sprints.

I’ll relay all of your feedback to the team, and please continue to share ideas and suggestions, etc!

(Adorablebadger) #40

I guess if I’m the only one who doesn’t like it, I’ll just have to get used to it! Having to toggle between trades and messages makes way more sense to me from an organizational standpoint. As someone who is not interested in the messaging feature at all, I guess that’s why I’m not crazy about the new update. Oh, well. It really seems like the site is moving in a good direction overall, even if I am grumpy!

I’m interested to see the flagging system, though.