Suggested Features

(Bunnyzombies) #182

Love the freebie packs obviously!! Love love. Dislike opening a freebie to find out it’s an amateur. Can we add the little corner ribbon that says amateur on the pack “wrapper” to the open your freebie page also?


(gugustiuc) #183

An option to disable animated cards in the trading window would be nice. Not sure if it’s my computer or chrome acting up or a combination of both but the window freezes considerably when more gifs are on the page.

(Cumbermum) #184

THIS THIS THIS!!! I love the Butterfly collection but all their flappy wings make my computer freeze.

(JB) #185

Resurrecting this thread, by suggesting, requesting, even begging a bit for better communication from admins - especially as it relates to site changes.

Now it was just noticed that posters for purchase are gone.

No memo, no email, no warning.

It’s frustrating and disappointing - and makes me wonder what we’ll loose next. :frowning:

(Musicjax) #186

They’re just paying the artists less and less :frowning:

(Tom Van Damme) #187

Sorting would be great! Like selecting all A+ traders that have at least half a set or something. Or finding seelers that collect a certain set you want to complete :slight_smile:

(Amilmarith) #188

I think it would nice if Creators of a series, could get there own series for free. Because it is nice to have your own series in your collection, but is a bit sad to spend your free packs on it. And it would be a nice ‘reward’ for creating a series.

You could lock them to a profile, make them non-tradeable so they don’t upset the system.

(Musicjax) #189

Maybe the creator’s prints would also not have a print number so that they don’t mess up the system or something. Maybe they could have print number infinity.

(Amilmarith) #190

Yeah, or number 0. I don’t care much about cards numbers, but I agree that it should not mess up the current trade system. It should just be a nice reward for the creators.

(Sima Seal4) #191

Being able to choose what cards go on your collector’s/creator’s profile would be nice.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #192

You can already do this … go to the Home page on the website and click the edit button in the lower right hand corner of the banner graphic.