Suggest me series to collect

(Sofi52) #1

I recently joined the site and im only collecting from 5 series right now. Suggest me some series with interesting concepts and nice art.

(Mbergmaier) #2

it depends on your preferrences. Simply go to “collect” and there you’ll find new series or series with themes.

(Sofi52) #3

yes i know but lot of them cant be opened for free and i was asking for suggestions

(Mbergmaier) #4

You only have one free pack per hour and three additional per day. go to the overviews of the collection when you have free packs left, then you should see the series you can get. most of them are availabe for free packs, especially the new series.

(Mbergmaier) #5

In the section “popular series” you can see the most popular series of the collectors, and most of them are still available. just click on the picture and go to the information, there you can see when the serie expires.
my favorites are:

  • travels in oil
  • soft sketches
  • darwin’s secrets
  • galaxy gals
  • age of Dinos
    and much others

(Sofi52) #6

i told you i know all this stuff im just asking for suggestions

(Mbergmaier) #7

ok, sorry for trying to help you …

(Peopleschampion) #8

Which sets are you collecting?

(Sofi52) #9

galaxy gal, fantasy art of teal newcomb 2, life of death, lowbrow misfits 2, monster gals, of dreams and wishes, samurais and food

(Sofi52) #10

but i wasnt asking for help? dunno why you started explaining. just bc im new doesnt mean i dont know shit about the site

(Peopleschampion) #11


Centella Azul
More of Rabbit’s Sketchbook
The Bestiarium vol 2
The Docobot characters pack 1
Jubi’s cover Girls II
The Road to Epoli

(Dorothee Rudolph) #12

If you like Teal Newcomb’s series, the artist has another series with sketches with free packs:

If you like fantasy creatures, you might like these series: (expires in 13 days)

Other series that I like are: (expires July 30th) and other series by Zjilch and some others.

(Sofi52) #13

thank you for the suggestions

(GreenSpleen) #14

Omg some of my all time favorites are:

Cube Collection 2: Space Time
Weird World

and so many more.

Feel free to even collect some of my series. ~ (Shameless plug)

(Mbergmaier) #15

I never mentioned that

(Loimprevisto) #16

If you’re feeling ambitious, there are a few classic large series like Frightlies, Penny’s World, and Codex Fungi that are still in print.

(Who8mypnuts) #17

Fractal Orbs, because they’re awesome.

Here’s some free ones.

(Arcanamoon) #18

I suggest:

  • PREY -
  • Asteri
  • Bath Bombs
  • Birthday Cake
  • The Colors of the Forest
  • Gemstones & Their Meanings
  • Ghost Types
  • Mr. Ull’s Bonsai Collection