[Submission] Animal people and their daily lives (not the title)

(Bluecatpk) #1

The idea is about a bunch of anthropomorphic animals and their everyday lives, living together in a tenement house/apartment block.
At the moment it’s just an excuse to draw animal people (girls :p) but I may do something more with it later on (something like sitcom comic comes to mind.)


Please vote if you like it. Any feedback would be nice too.
(Also if you have any idea for a title? If I won’t think of anything else, it will be something like Pet Apartment.)

Other than the examples of characters seen in the submission, here is finished up additional one:
One of the Degu brothers, Morticius

And here are Lucia (Chameleon) and Alex (Bunny) playing games (They are roommates.)
The image is not finished yet.