Style and Customization!

(Pandite) #1

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could customize the overall background of our own Neonmob?

I’m talking full on symbols and shapes tiled to the back. Different borders and lines. Colors to select for borders or shapes.
it could even have certain pre-made tilesets featuring squares or circles or hexagons that could feature a print you’v collected.
n coloring, I figure it could be like that of Warframe (for those who know what I mean) color pallets and slots to assign them to change the predetermined regions of that style
slot 1 'inner borders: green,
slot 2 outer border lines: red,
slot 3 optional border diagonal stripes: white
I thought of this because sometimes I like to change my background color on apps that allow it. I remember the Myspace days but I was too young to really get into it. Just a thought