Still Go for it?

Hi everyone. I have a series in voting right now. The problem is when you upload gifs there is a bit of a speed up in the action of it I’d like to keep it up and still do it. Do you think it will hurt the series for the animated ones to look sped up a bit?

Cutest Fennec Fox

Awe. That’s a bummer. :frowning:

I always find making gifs on neonmob difficult because of their speed up as well. The reason is probably because it doesn’t stay as a gif when you upload it. It seems they change it into an mp4 video, then everything becomes super fast. I recommend slowing down the frame rate when you save the gif to compensate, if you have the option in whatever program your making them in, and just keep trying over and over until you find a frame rate that works best for you.

Anyway, good luck on your series! :slight_smile:

Not sure about frame rate change but, as far as I know, here is another issue: the delay between the first and second frame becames very short. Until NeonMob fix it, the only thing you can do to overcame this problem is inserting the first frame twice with minimal delay. Thus the first frame will be changed with the same frame (visually nothing will change) and next delays will go as you expect and in overall it will look OK. At least I hope.

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I did try to slow it down and not sure til I upload again if it will work. Thank you both for reaching out to help.