Stickers from the Jellybean Animals Series

(Caitybeth) #1

I’m interested in creating stickers with my art from the Jellybean Animals series (, so I wanted to gauge interest from the community.

I’m proposing that I create a limited set of stickers of the various animals from my series. The rarity of the stickers would be distributed the same ways as the virtual art (25% common, 25% uncommon, 18.75% rare, 18.75% very rare, and 12.5% extremely rare). Due to the number and distribution of cards, this would work out to be about 6-7 of each sticker in a limited series of 100.

My question to the community is, first of all, would anyone be interested in purchasing stickers from my series? If so, how should I split up the stickers into packs, i.e. 100 packs with 1 sticker, 50 packs with 2 stickers, or 20 packs with 5 stickers? Additionally, what price do you believe would be fair to pay?

Thank you in advance everyone!

(Arcanamoon) #2

While I personally don’t collect the series, my niece does and I find the cards very cute! So yes, I would be interested in purchasing them for myself and probably her as well. I would suggest going with the 50 pack or 20 pack option. As for pricing, I have no idea.

(Sima Seal4) #3

Though I personally would not spend money, the series is cute & cuddly ( I myself have the whole series, including chases) and some people would probably buy it.
Try to stay on the low side.