Spreading the released of new series in regard to different timeszones

Especially those, which have those so called day 1 options with x-packs for x-carats until there gone.
The last two limited series where during my deepest sleep, so in my morning time all those “goodie-packs” were gone.
With the latest replica I just was lucky to get very late in bed so I had seen it in time.

In overall, 99% of the time series are released in the european time zone (UTC -2) between 10:00pm and 01:00 am (I am a night-owl, so that mostly works) (where as the latest two limited series where between 02:00 and 04:00 am).

I get it that Neonmob is a US-based game, still with players all over the world.
The advantages for specials packs seems a bit unevenly spread :wink:

(And I don’t care much about numbers, because those players who do, have a lot more disadvantages…)

Maybe it is time for a cron-job to publish new series, so it can be more evenly spread across the time zones. (Of course, you still have to be lucky that the series you are interested in are published when you are available, but at least everyone gets a chance for low numbers and especially for special packs.)


Thank you for silently reading my post and taking this matter seriously.
Announcing when limited series will be published is already helping. Especially on fridaynights (our time). Looking forward to Friday 16th <3

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We like to be accommodating :wink:

Look for more announcements, teases, and possibly even an increase in special packs to make sure that people around the world can take advantage … so even though we work in Pacific time, everyone has a shot at the good stuff!