Soon to be out of print cards

(Carebear1646) #1

I had a thought after being on the IPhone and at the bottom it says “out of print” and you can scroll through to see the recently out of print packs.

can we have a “soon to be out of print” or “expiring soon”??

this can be a 30 days before expiring? so people maybe who forgot a series or maybe needs just a couple more cards and need to be more agressive in trading?

I know i suggested little banners with dates but I feel like this slot section might be more useful - however if we can get either it will be helpful in the long run!

(Lonelee) #2

I found this group on website:

…unfortunately it seems not to be updated because some series listed there are out of print already🤔
And I can’t tell how I initially found this page😬

(Lonelee) #3

… but the page is called „last chance to collect“ so it looks like it was exactly what you seek some day past🙂

(7nik) #4
  1. Go to
  2. Set series available for Free and/or Credits
  3. Set sort type Date of Discontinue
  4. Set ascending order

Also you can set your favorite series of series you own.

(Carebear1646) #5

While this is helpful but it is a p.i.t.a. - plus not quite so easy for app

*removing my edit as I realized it isn’t all packs including ood stuff but I have a lot coming up ready to Be ood

Personally I haven’t found much use for the favorite this series other than a way to not forget one if I liked it so I can go back and collect if I don’t have packs at the time

(Joe @ NeonMob) #6

We will be adding a section specifically for “Last Chance to Collect” within the next couple months. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Carebear1646) #7

you guys are on top of it! love it! <3 thanks for the hard work!