Someone want to trade?

(Gretathecat) #1

I’m new and I need some friends, please add me.
My profile:
I also would be very happy if anyone trade with me. I have a few duplicates, please send fair trades :).

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Hi! I’m Joe, the community manager here at NeonMob … feel free to send me any trades you would like … my username is vagrantscout.

Cheers and welcome to NeonMob!


(Gretathecat) #3

Thank you very much, but I can’t send send you trade. It seems, trades are locked on your account.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #4

Ugh, I told them to fix that! Try again, had to adjust some settings but should be open for trades now :slight_smile:

(Gretathecat) #5

Thank you, I’ve just sent a trade :smiley:

(Draconmarius) #6

Just started two days ago myself! Name is DraconMarius. I got some dupes too and send a trade my way if you are interested :+1:t3:

(Tabiyume) #7

I love trading away dupes so I’m open to it myself if any of you guys want. I am kinda new too but I’m active :slight_smile:

(JB) #8

Helpful hint: it’s always helpful to include a link to your profile when offering to trade with others!

(Draconmarius) #9

Here, and I basically just got here myself. Lemme know if you need anything

(Tabiyume) #10


(Carebear1646) #11

Hey everyone! Carebear1646 is the name and trading is my game - I love it but try to trade within the series I am collecting or message me to see if I am interested in a new set you may have. :handshake::+1:

(Zirukurt01) #12

I got too much dupes on my account. Look at my collections to get something you needed.