So what's the status of Neonmob? Is it broken or is it ok now?

(Quasarcat) #1

So I’ve been gone a long time from Neonmob, and I’ve been going through some old forum posts. Apparently there was a big, disastrous update to the site sometime last year that screwed up some stuff, like people opening packs and having over a hundred commons and no very rares. And people stopped trading and didn’t want to trade away anything above rares. And afterwards I guess the staff stopped responding to user complaints/neglected the site? What I don’t see is a topic about how all of that was fixed, instead all I’m finding is a lack of these kinds of complaints. (The recent complaints don’t really have that same tone)

But as of right now, I haven’t encountered any difficulties in trading, and have actually fully completed a few series. I have noticed commons are a little more common but not to any great/troubling extent, and vice versa with very rares+. Of course, it’s not perfect, never was, but it doesn’t seem horribly broken. It seems to be pretty decent, and soon to (hopefully) improve. So is Neonmob a good site again? I’m curious to know what everyone thinks.

(Loimprevisto) #2

For several months the drop rate of VR/ER/Chases was very low, to the extent that some cards were never generated or have single-digit card counts. Extremely popular series like Avatars only had 110-130 print count chases with 28000 print count commons. They eventually changed it to the current ratios so most sets can actually be completed, although a common complaint is still the number of chases that some sets have. Aside from revising the drop rates, they also extended the run of any of the ‘new’ sets that had expired to give people a chance to catch up on the sets that they’d missed.

Now that dedicated collectors can get 20+ packs a day, people have been able to catch up on the older sets with huge print runs and also collect any of the new stuff that catches their interest. It’s discouraged some creators who were here for the royalties, but it’s still a fun art community. I think of it as with a card gimmick rather than a place to buy art… but the gimmick is entertaining, there’s a good community here, and it can be fun to buy a few credits now and then to support the site and tip the artists you really like (or get a few cards from the old sets that don’t have free packs).

(Naud van Dalen) #4

A massive downside of the new sets for creators is that after 6 months, it’s sold out, which means that there are neither free packs or paid packs left.

Most people only open free packs anyway, so for them it doesn’t matter, but people that would buy packs after the free packs are gone, don’t buy packs anymore, because the paid packs disappear at the exact same time as the free packs.

A solution would be to sell paid packs for a longer time after the free packs are gone, in order to get people to buy packs, because it’s their only choice at that point if they don’t have enough duplicates in order to complete the set by trading or if there are no valid trading partners left (happens a lot for older sets).

(Joe @ NeonMob) #5

We have been closely monitoring feedback, reviewing data, and building new features to address a number of the community’s concerns. We will follow up with a more detailed announcement and hope to begin implementing changes shortly. More to come :slight_smile:

Joe @ NeonMob

(Loimprevisto) #6

I think a good solution would be to offer a number of paid packs that is proportional to the free packs generated, like 10 percent or so, rather than have it available for a certain amount of time.

(Quasarcat) #7

I like that, it’s a bit reminiscent of the old system and lets people interested in the series support the site/artist. A new series I was collecting just went out of print, and while I did finish it (Except for 1 print), I found I was a bit disappointed at not being able to collect a series I liked ever again. Makes me appreciate that I was still able to nab prints from Let’s Party with credits despite it being an old series.

(Quasarcat) #8

Aha, so it looks like things have been smoothed over significantly, at least on the collector side of things.