So long and thanks for all the fish!

(Saintsrow) #1

HI! I’m leaving NeonMob.
Old friends and trading partners have priority.

(Cloud9) #2

sorry to see you go!

(Saintsrow) #3

Take all cards you need…

(Virginia Pratcher) #4

Thanks for the trades😊

(Axiom9) #5

Sorry to see you go…I know im new here but still hate seeing this already small community shrink…hope all goers well for you…and have one question after all your friends have got what they need if you have any Punkz left please send me a trade really like that set or any cards you have left from whatever…I thank you…have a great day :slight_smile:

(Reece) #6

Hi Saintsrow,

Can you tell us why you’re leaving? I’ve been a member for several years and through the ups and downs I’ve found NeonMob to be a fun platform that should get better with time. Do you have any comments which can lead to an improvement in NeonMob or to address the issues which took the fun from NeonMob for you. thanks,

(Saintsrow) #7

Hi reece! Thank you for your attention :slight_smile:
I’m leaving NeonMob not because of NeonMob it self. This is more related with me.
But I like to talk about these things.
The main thing is I’m not having time to enjoy.
Righ now I’m unemployed. This mean many other things pass inside the head. Other priorities, concerns and so on.
You know… its like when your world is shaked and you should have time and mind to put everything on the rails.
The other thing is about my personal “artistic taste”. I like more some old collections then new ones.
And in the last… even if I had more time/mind and so on, there are some collections “very ultra hard” to complete.
I can give you an example (and this is not a concern, just a observation). Avatars.
Amazing serie. 53 cards in the regular collection, but 67 in chase.
There are more chase in this serie then I had in my entire collection.
You know what this mean LOL
But anyway, I think my time here was good and I thank you for everything :slight_smile:
NeonMob is an amazing site/game and I know you guys are always thinking to improve.
I wish you all the best!