So, I had to block a user today

(Renatosardinhalopes) #41

these comments are so irnoic on a thread like this it makes me laugh.

anyway, I only had to refuse like 2 or 3 offers so far, and I don’t reply at all. But hey,when a guy refuses too much my offers I ask things like “you want these cards” and etc.

Anyway my mom is not polite too LOL

(Renatosardinhalopes) #42

sorry, I meant on the image. I thought these were the actual comments lol

(Jaegis) #43

I don’t think the comments are ironic at all, none of what we said was rude in any way, and the discussion was very civil :slight_smile:

(Renatosardinhalopes) #44

this was my first time on the forum, and when I saw the image I thought that was the actual comment thread, not what you were talking about. Sorry for anything D:

(Jaegis) #45

Honest mistake, no worries :grin:

(xUsako) #46

Well… I just banned my first user today. It wasn’t really needed, but I had no desire to deal with their shenanigans when I tried to get the last card from a small set (they had 2 of this card and no other cards from it) and they countered my trade by asking for all other cards I have from the set. You’d think if I want your card maybe I am collecting this set, what makes you think I’ll give you all my singles?!
So I just told asked them if they do realize I am trying to finish the set and then blocked them. I don’t want a reply. I don’t wanna deal with them at all and I don’t think I want to even be ABLE to trade with them.

(JB) #47

So… I had to block another user today.
And I really tried here, but this was just rude, and I have no time for this.

(Jaegis) #48

I know you weren’t looking for whatever they offered, but was their offer reasonable in the first place? :laughing:

(JB) #49

He offered a low count variant for a XR for a small set.
Not collecting the variants for the series and said as much with my decline. Offered feedback as to something I was looking for to start the conversation.
I’m currently looking for a chase from another set - so they offered me some rares and a very rare stating that would help me get it.
Since I already had the prints offered - and I knew this would not help my pursuit of the chase print - I declined again.
That is where the screenshot I shared picks up.

I take blocking very seriously - as I don’t like closing a door on a potential trading partner - but when rude/swearing starts after I feel I have been reasonable - then I just can’t. I come here to have fun - not to get harassed to trade one of my duplicates for prints I do not want or need.

(Jaegis) #50

I feel pretty lucky to have never met anyone who has actively gotten frustrated with me for not accepting a trade, but I dread the day that it ever happens to me. I think everyone’s got a tolerance to unreasonable conversation and I feel like mine is pretty high but I feel like there will still be users who manage to be so offensive that blocking is inevitable. I don’t know why people resort to anger when they get declined :disappointed_relieved: I’ve had plenty reasonable declines and have never felt the need to resort to stuff like that. :sweat:

(dave d) #51

Haha! Instablock from me. I don’t even respond. This is also why I don’t even decline trades any more, I just let them expire.

(JB) #52

Oh so tempting, but the honor student in me won’t let me have less than an A!

(Le french Steak) #53

I’ve happened to intentionally let an unfair trade on hold for a long while, but I’m such a proactive trader I could totally afford to have a low trading grade: it only prevents people from initiating trades, not accepting those you initiate yourself.

(Dainya) #54

Good place to vent about my recent blocking. So I have now had to block a total of six people. Five for throwing fits after I declined a trade even though I messaged them I wasn’t collecting the series they offered and looked through what they had and saw nothing I had. And one person who I’d previously traded with and had done a couple trades in their favor. Nothing major a rare I had a lot of for an uncommon I needed to finish a series and a Chase for a slightly higher count Chase. Anyway they offered me a common for a 10 count chase. I wasn’t going to expect that its highly unfair and the Chase I wasn’t willing to trade away they preceded spam me with trades commons for my Chase and threaten me saying if I didn’t accept the trade they’d hack my account trade all my rare cards to themselves and threatened to hunt me down and threatened my family. I reported them blocked the user

(Virginia Pratcher) #55

Omg that’s messed up!! What a creep :unamused:

(JB) #56

Wow I agree! So sorry that happened!

(Graceyanne Iseki) #57

I think it’s only fair that you blocked them, since they seem very rude. I would have done the same thing. I’m quite lucky I have not encountered such users thus far. I hope you don’t get too many of those kinds of responses. :frowning:

(Sherri Keller) #58

Wowwww. That is all kinds of horrible. I hope that person got banned.