So, I had to block a user today

(JB) #1

So, since I have a healthy collection, a time or two I get a what I feel is lousy trade offer.
And these can be fair, but sometimes it’s just stuff I do not want - at all.

As I have said in other posts, I try to reply with a note or a reason when I decline. When I’m on my PC most times I will look-up the user and view their number of prints. If they haven’t even reached 500 yet I try to be a little more informative in my replies, and occasionally direct them here to read the trading threads.

But today, err tonight, I hit my limit, and I had to block my first user ever.
And it made me a little sad, but I just can’t take rude responses, insults or trying to force a trade.
(to be fair - below is the exchange)

Wondering how my fellow neonmobsters handle these types of situations.


I’ve never had anything approaching that. I’m glad, this is a nice little community. Sorry you had that.

(Whitney Ricketts) #3

Oh yikes! Not cool. Very much appreciate your thoughtful response to this all caps vulgar shouting. Blocking is a good response — and also letting the team know that you’re experiencing this is great, too. I will reach out and warn them that this language is unacceptable. Repeated reports of harassment result in closing of accounts, and we do track them all.

(Ark) #4

Me personally I have never encountered a situation like yours (and I hope not to), but if this were to happen to me I would ignore the remarks by not replying, and would then proceed to report the situation :slight_smile:

(Mason John Allen) #5

Yikes! That’s too bad. :hushed:

(JB) #6

Thanks everyone for the support.

And in a way, I’m kinda really glad no one else is sharing a similar story, and hoping that it means this isn’t at all a common occurrence.

I have great love for this community and all the great art I get to see everyday.

Appreciate the love. :hearts:

(Larisse) #7

From the user’s way of speaking, I feel like you’re talking to an upset 10-year-old lol, my mind even read it with a hint of a baby voice.
What you did is appropriate and very mature. Personally, I would also block rude people but after saying something like “The incredibears told me they don’t want you.” :))

(dave d) #8

I just block and don’t reply.

I will also block if I get repeated super crappy offers.

“You have two and it’s not fair.” Block.

I have also blocked without messaging a user who countered a perfectly fair trade by offering the same common for 5 of my single ERs.

(Doodles Castoni (Delanie)) #9

Lol, try having triple or up to ten of a really hard piece. I just laugh.

Some will ask, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR IT?
You have a bunch."
I answer, "firstborn child, Ryan gosling, unicorn, or harem of cats."
They usually stop responding. Lol

(JB) #10

I get that - and having been on both sides - sometimes I have no clue what to offer. The last thing I want to do is offend someone I am asking a favor of - since that all trading really is - so from time to time I’ll ask too. The key difference here is when I do, it’s includes things like “hello”, “please”, and “thank you” and perhaps a suggestion of what I would like to offer. And when I get a message like that I at least do a quick lookie-lou if it is a reasonable request.

And the only time I feel typing in all caps applies is when its THANK YOU!
(I usually do it because I just had an awesome trade!)

However… you make the ridiculous response all the more tempting - especially a clowder* of furry little kittehs!
—(*clowder = group of cats - my nerd showing here)

(mika) #11

That kind of user needs a block. You did right.
10 days ago, a profile with prints under 500 and no photo offered me a trade that even as a newbie I think he was going to fool me and even angry he wanted to ‘teach’ me how do trades in neonmob. I block him right away. Two commons for a rare already make me squint yet he try to harassed.

(dave d) #12


Yeah, I still have a half dozen spare Pink and Blue ERs. I do have a standing offer on those, I’ll alway accept a Technicolor chase, whether I have it or not. 3 more to go!

(dave d) #13

I had to turn off trading completely for 6 weeks last year due to being harassed. I was so happy when user blocking was enabled.

(Doodles Castoni (Delanie)) #14

Doolin, is that you, dear? I’ve missed seeing you around!

(dave d) #15

Indeed it is. I’m around, keeping a low profile.

(Icicle Halo ) #16

I just had to block someone for the first time today. I can’t screenshot because it’s already gone from my message list but it was more mean and a bit aggressive than rude. A trader offered me two items: one I already had and one from a set I don’t collect. In return they had asked for two items, one of which I don’t have a duplicate for. I declined it. I generally don’t message as I play on app/phone where it’s a bit of a faff.
I later found a message basically saying I was ungrateful for not accepting and that they were glad they hadn’t offered me a fair trade because I wasn’t worthy of it (I’m paraphrasing).
I don’t want to get dragged down to their level, so just blocked and didn’t reply. I’ve not had any issues before so it seems very rare, just kind of a shame.

(JB) #17

Definitely a shame! We aren’t all so mean - but there are always a few bad eggs in every basket :expressionless:

(Worr Barr) #18

I blocked my first member tonight. Really made me feel sad there are such people infiltrating this cool little community. :frowning:

(Sherri Keller) #19

Wow. What a jackass. I just looked up that profile, and he was only a member for about 4 hours before he sent you that message.

Some people’s kids, I tells ya.

(Jaegis) #20

Oh man this community sometimes :frowning: I can understand being frustrated about being declined but there’s no need to go so far like that… When I started I asked for a trade which was an uncommon for a common, and the person counters me for five chases… I said “who would accept this” and he/she explains two weeks later that I wanted to trade a common for an uncommon. Guess he/she wanted to “educate” me but some people :frowning: