Site Update Announcement

(Sierra) #1

Hey NeonMobsters! We hope you are enjoying the newest updates. In case you haven’t been on the site recently, we have improved the odds to help you reach your collecting goals more quickly. We’ve also eliminated all the paid pack tiers but one. The new Diamond pack is just 10 credits and guarantees you at least two rare cards or higher. We understand that for many, opening the free packs is the only way to enjoy the site and we hope these increased odds will enhance that experience. Your love of collecting incredible art is the reason why we have such an amazing community. And for those that are able to purchase packs and wish to do so, we deeply appreciate your support. Your purchases help keep our community up and running. But we also want to thank the rich talent of our creators. Your work is a gift and is the entire reason we are all here. So thank you to everyone. We are striving to make further improvements which will continue to grow the community experience for everyone, so we encourage you to send your suggestions for improvements to
Thank you,
The NeonMob Team

(Mbergmaier) #2

I like it very much!!

(Who8mypnuts) #3

It’s nice to hear from you and see some updates. Hope that you can get the site back on its feet again. I’ve held off from submitting any new artwork as I haven’t sold a pack in about 5 months. Not worth my time at the moment.

(Spooningbards) #4

It’s one thing among many that needs fixed, but it was definitely the most flawed part of the August update. Thank you for listening to our feedback - hopefully trading will pick back up.

(Samantai) #5

I like it way better now, thank you.
I know it is not lucrative for now, and that I won’t get packs sold, but I really am considering to make a new series. owo
Thank you for listening though, and I hope you find a way that will financially help you while keeping collecting fun.

(Nicodeamus) #6

Extremely exciting to be collecting and trading now, thank you so much! However I am having an interesting distribution so far, I’ve finished all the XRs for a couple collections now before the VRs. In Mythic Dragons II, I collected all 8 XRs before completing any tier below it except common (and even traded away 3 XRs away first).

Is this because free packs are catching up on their distributions? Or are these the odds we will see on all collections? Again, thank you so much for listening to the users and acting on it.

(GreenSpleen) #7

Best news in a long time. Baby steps, Neonmob. Thank you for this!

(JB) #8

@sierra, do you think we could also have a 5 credit pack option that only has commons and uncommons?

I had a few sets that came out that I bought packs for and I got completely stuck trying to trade for commons and uncommons. It took me a week to get the last uncommon I needed for one set. Found it ironic that I struggled to get what is supposed to be the lower end pieces.

Happened again today with the new frombie set. I have all the extremely rares already, but I only just now got a common from a free pack, and I have a few more to go.

Every once and a while I would just like to buy packs to get a good start on a series, but with the current model, the only way to get the lower cards is to open free packs… which for a person that wants to just complete the set and move on (because they don’t have enough free packs to collect what they want) makes it pretty challenging.

Don’t get me wrong - love the new and only diamond pack - but find it puzzling that if I wanted to “go for broke” I literally have no way to buy the entire series since the only purchase pack option won’t provide the lower cards.

(Nicodeamus) #9

To be honest it feels that way even without buying packs. Today I finished the XRs of a series before any other tier.

(xUsako) #10

this is great news! super glad there are some changes made! <3

(Sierra) #11

This is a an interesting dilemma. I can definitely run it by the team. After so many months of users reporting how difficult it was to get a anything higher than a rare card it’s a bit surprising to hear anyone complain they are having a hard time collecting the lower rarities, but I hear where you are coming from.

(Spooningbards) #13

But please don’t change the odds back, it’s better in its current drawing rate…!

(Alieleaador) #14

I really like it