Show me the cards! What's the best pack you've ever opened?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #1

I just got a great pull on my last free pack … back to back copies of the same Chase … who can beat it? :wink:

(Cloud9) #2

lol - not me and I’ve been here for years!

(JB) #4

It was some time ago, but this was my first pack for FragMental LifeLines


(Qazyn) #5

Earlier this week, I managed two Chases for Travels in Oil 3 on one pack. Don’t think I’ll top that one anytime soon!

(Nick Barrett) #6

Didn’t we use to call these #RogiePull?

(Nick Barrett) #7

Still saved from 2015-04-28

(JB) #8

We sure did call them that, but I never got the backstory. Tried finding it in the old Google+ group, but no success.
And still jealous of that pull of yours!

(Nick Barrett) #9

As far as I understood the reference it was @rogie who was one of the people that started the site. In the early days, he got some lucky pulls. But this is all assumption.

(JB) #10

That was my best guess as well. He also had some amazing mini sets as well.