Show Favorited Cards in Trades

(ms.tree) #1

I have singles that I would love to trade, but no one sends offers for them since I have only one copy and it may be in a series that I otherwise want to keep most or all of the other cards (I collect individual cards I like, not necessarily all cards in a series).

Trading can be so tedious, I think it would help a lot if there was a way to make use of the Favoriting of cards, where it can be visible in trades. Then cards that aren’t favorited but are singles others can know are fair game. :slight_smile:

(Carebear1646) #2

you could also go to the card in specific you are looking to trade away and click on it to find the seekers of the card to propose trade offers

it takes a little work but you can probably find people who have cards you want =)

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