Should you publicly expose a cheat?

(Zachary) #21

do you think that if i knew what i was doing was wrong, i would have posted about it, no, of course not, i thought that since my brother was getting something out of it, it was alright, i have also spent money on credits but since i have no more money on paypal and don’t have a credit card, figured it was simpler just to buy them from my brother

(Dorothee Rudolph) #22

I didn’t assume that you knew, that you were cheating. You asked a question and I gave my opinion and linked you to the relevant FAQ as official source. Now you know that it’s wrong and hopefully you won’t do it again. Thanks for getting the two extra accounts deleted! :slight_smile:

(Zachary) #23

i got the other accounts deleted

(Who8mypnuts) #24

Good to hear that this is being handled and that support checks out each case. This boosts my confidence in the team here tremendously. I don’t want to keep creating packs just to hand them out to cheaters who wont enjoy the artwork.

(Rynn Hanna) #25

Hello! I am having a similar issue on a larger scale. I’m 99.9999% sure that someone is making multiple accounts to cheat the system. They created their account yesterday and the funnel accounts were all created since then as well; each of them is sending cards from the same series at ratios of 5:1. The extra accounts continue to be made and they are using different combinations of the same words for the different account names :<

They have 12 sub-accounts thus far and have nearly completed several series (including my own) in less than 24 hours using this method. :T

I have e-mailed the list to but thought I should post in here as well in hopes that a moderator might hop on and see to cease this activity more quickly.

(Bunnyzombies) #26

Oh jeeeeeeeez That is sad. A couple of those look like they could be someone giving their newb friend some fun stuff… but dang.

(Mckayrulez) #27

I just found one or two peeps just using the neonmob user name with different numbers doing the cheat as well… Not even attempting to hide fake accounts with creative names anymore…

(Mckayrulez) #28

Oh and I know were suppose to report them but I’m confused. Do we send them to support@neonmob or feedback@neonmob?

(Lisaa) #29

I sent a report to feedback and they handled it. Then I replied to their reply with another report of an obvious cheater, that hasn’t been handled for a couple of weeks. I really wish there was just a button, not only for me, but for the users who don’t care enough to find out where to go with their report when they can’t find a button.

(Mckayrulez) #30

Yeah, since most sites have one it’s kinda odd they don’t have a button. :confused: Anyway thanks. :slight_smile: