Should you publicly expose a cheat?

(Igthorn) #1

I noticed, when I was checking on trades on my series, that two accounts had almost identical names and had traded 5:1 twice in trades that did not obviously make sense. After following some of the trades I now have identified at least three different accounts that are funnelling cards into this one account. I have sent a note to support but nothing seems to have happened. Should the accounts be made public?

(xUsako) #2

I’ve seen such accounts too… I have no idea how much time it takes for staff to deal with such cases, but last time i checked, two of the accounts i reported were both active with zero (visible) consequences. That’s pretty upsetting for me too.
What is NM doing to keep fair players happy? Why should I continue buying packs if the same person will get the same and possibly bigger card count, just because he has 5 fake accounts that keep pulling from the free packs of the same series on a daily basis?

(Loimprevisto) #3

I’ve reported several accounts in the past and they’ve ended up being deleted. It can take a week or so sometimes, but I think it’s very much worth reporting.

(Sherri Keller) #4

If you’ve reported and had no response after a certain length of time, I would post it.

I reported multiple feeder accounts on May 10, and nothing happened. Heavily lopsided trades were still happening as recently as a few days ago, but I posted the list of names on a post in the Facebook group about cheaters. I think it got support’s attention, because while the accounts are still active on the site, it looks like they aren’t feeding the main account anymore. Most of them haven’t drawn free packs in a few days either. Probably having more than one person reporting the accounts helped.

(Sherri Keller) #5

I also get a kick out of the main account bragging about how many sets he has completed, including chase and variants. Yeah, bet it’s pretty easy to finish off sets when you have at least five other accounts sending you all the good stuff for one common card :rolling_eyes:

Like @xusako said, it’s discouraging for those of us who play fair and use only our allotted free packs and support the site by buying credits.

(Le french Steak) #6

The activity feed for Welcome to Neonmob is already a nice place to spot these kind of cheaters. Am I right?

(Sherri Keller) #7

Right? Some people make it SO obvious.

(xUsako) #8

Bwahaha, oh gosh, never knew about that one, but seeing 3 different people with some sort of “tiger” in the name trade with a 4th person…
This is a new level of sad.

(Jaegis) #9

Don’t you love when they set rules for trading too? Oh you trade by card count? Looking in your trade history, your illegal second account just traded you 5 100 cc chases for your Weird World Common so can I do the same?

(Bhlaird) #10

Oh, that’s actually depressing. So blatant!

(Graceyanne Iseki) #11

Wow. Welp. There goes my motivation to collect. :disappointed:

(Mike) #12

Guys, please do report cheaters to We don’t have dedicated staff to respond immediately to these cases, so it isn’t usually immediate, but we do investigate all reported cases!

(xUsako) #13

Aside from deleting extra accounts, is there any other punishment? Like no trading for a month or something? (or alternatively no trading with accounts that are not at least X months old)
I know trading is one of the main things to do on NM, but if they only lose extra accounts, that would be super unfair to everyone else :confused:

(Le french Steak) #14

Only the extra accounts? I though they’d also have their whole collection removed.
Removing extra accounts does nothing: I spotted a cheater that seems to regularly delete their dummy account and create new ones every times.

(xUsako) #15

Maybe I’m mistaking, but I have a vague memory of reading something like this on the forums before.

(Coconutsales) #16

The main offending accounts should be deleted and the cards recirculated to people who need them. I am APPALLED that such accounts are allowed to continue the behavior. How are more people not getting all up-in-arms over this?!

Also, this just makes me more grateful for all the collections I have completed, which I have done through legitimate means. But, the actions taken against offending accounts destroy any of my desire to buy packs. :confused:

(Zachary) #17

i pay my brothers money in real life for their cards, is that allowed? because it probably looks like i am cheating

(Dorothee Rudolph) #18

In my opinion you are cheating. And I’ve noticed that you did multiple trades that were imbalanced to your favour with 2 feeder accounts. Here’s the part of the FAQ

"NeonMob users may operate one account only. Opening or operating multiple accounts, or using other people to operate accounts from which you primarily benefit, is strictly forbidden.

Examples of cheating include:

  • Inviting “dummy” accounts to NeonMob
  • Using friends or family members to open accounts which you operate or primarily benefit from
  • Repeated lopsided trades between collectors"

This sums up, what I’ve seen you doing.

Instead of paying your brother money and have him open packs of your desired series and tell him, which cards he shall give to you, you should have bought credits to pay for extra packs. Right now you are using two extra accounts to gather more cards. I noticed your behaviour several hours ago and had included you in my draft for my next cheater report email to the staff.

(Zachary) #19

so i ask if what i’m doing is wrong, and now i’m getting banned, i’ll stop buying my brother’s skins, i didn’t know if it was wrong, you don’t need to ban me

(Dorothee Rudolph) #20

I’m not in the position to ban you. I am just a regular user, though I’ve started to look out for cheaters to report them to the NeonMob staff. As someone who has bought credits to buy extra packs, it makes me really angry to see how some users gaiin an unfair advantage by cheating. It makes other users in this forum thread and me unwilling to spend more money on credits.