Series Creation Saving Issues?

(Mckayrulez) #1

Been having a few weird issues today with the series creator not properally saving things.

The first time this morning I noticed quite a few of my card positions hadn’t saved and were at the bottom of the list. This isn’t a big issue, but I’ve always had the problem of card images just being blank whenever I scroll through the cards, (but that’s an easy fix, by just tabbing out and tabbing back in, but you have to do it constantly ever couple rows), so placing the cards back can be a bit time consuming, especially since my series is almost at 200 cards. I just figured maybe I didn’t touch out of the card box for the saving to trigger.

Then three times, I went back to my series to find the rarities imbalanced, because the creator wasn’t saving my rarity choices. Thankfully, it was only a few cards. In fact one of the times was just one card, but I had to scroll around to figure out which one it was. lol.

And then also today, I even didn’t have the option to choose variants or chases until I left the creator and returned to dashboard? The buttons were just gone. It only showed silver to extremely rare.

Anyway, it’s not a big deal, but I thought I’d just ask to see if anyone else was having issues also?

(Mckayrulez) #2

Btw, the rarity not saving happened again, but this time I’m pretty sure the save pop up didn’t show up after I picked a rarity. I tried clicking around on different cards and still nothing showed up. I went to preview series then clicked back to edit and the rarities were indeed imbalanced again and I had to choose again for that card.