Saying Bye, + Free Art & BTS on How I Made Midnight Wonders

Hey guys! For those of you who like my various artwork on NeonMob (Like Midnight Wonders, Dark Dimension and Neon Floral Forest), I’m sad to say I’m no longer able to make series anymore. I’ve been directly messaged by NeonMob that they’ve made new rules that wont allow photography heavy related art, & all of my submissions have been removed.

It’s a bummer, also because I had so much unreleased art I’ve made that I wanted to give you all, but was never approved to be able to. I guess now we know the reason.

Anyway, since my series aren’t going to happen now, I decided to share a few samples of what I made since what’s the point of making art if no one sees them? haha. If people are interested enough I’ll happily add more (I’m not sure where else to put them besides behance, unless people have ideas of sites like Neonmob? :wink: ) Also, as I was collecting these samples, I thought I’d also share how I make some of my art as well to make this ‘goodbye’ a bit more upbeat for those who like my type of art. :slight_smile:

Link to my unused series card samples:

This is one of my favourite cards from Midnight Wonders 2:

I individually painted each leaf and vine by masking with multiple layers for each colour. The program I use is called GIMP2.

Comparison of my image and my original photo.

Afterward I finish the coloring, I flip the image multiple times mirroring everything with Windows Paint to make the final product.

Goodbye and thanks for all these cool past years! :wave:


Honestly I don’t think this kind of art should be put in the same category with the pure photos series. I think, due to the heavy editing of the photos this should be excluded from this rule. I mean I didn’t even realize that they are photos until I saw this post. It would be a shame for this type of art to be excluded from the website thus loosing some great creators and some great art. Just saying… i think this should be reconsidered :slight_smile:


I absolutely agree. These series are always a joy to look at and it would be a shame to see them go just because they have photos as a base.


Thanks @frogger_bomb and @insert_disc_2 :slight_smile: It would be really cool if I could continue this type of art style and those series.

In the mean time, after a week of thinking, I guess I might try to do something similar just made differently (and without the aid of photography of course), however I know it just wont be the same. The art style will be more simplified, and use less materials then my previous series, maybe just digital paint and some pen ink variants. I thought about the pen ink version a couple years ago but that one didn’t get too many votes, maybe I shouldn’t have used a black and white image lol (old submission):

so who knows if I’ll get enough votes on the new one. anyway if anyone’s curious it’s on the vote page. :man_shrugging: New submission:


Taking away artists collection’s because they start out from a photograph. A lot of people who collect on this site have enjoyed collecting such art. I Know they’re not happy about the decision either. I hope the Neonmob team will reconsider their decision.


I had no idea they even started as photographs until I read this. I very much enjoy those types of series, and feel like the artistry involved is definitely worthy of being on the site. Agreed with the comments posted here, I hope Neonmob changes its decision. Cheers!