Replica series are here!

(Joe @ NeonMob) #1

Missed out on an older series that’s now out of print? Add that art to your collection with Replica Series!

A replica series is an unlimited version of an out-of-print limited edition (LE) series. Replica series retain all the original artwork and rarity distributions as the original limited edition version but the cards are clearly marked with an “RE” in the top left corner to distinguish it from the original. We will release a limited amount of the very best series from the NeonMob catalogue so collectors new and old can enjoy incredible art from our talented creators.

Our first replica series is one of our favorites :smiley: Collect the Darwin’s Secret [RE] replica series now thru 12/31!


(7nik) #2

Out of Print On Jan 1, 2020

Isn’t it too early?
I mean it more than enough to collect the base set but to collect all variants with only free packs it needs almost twice more time.
For the first time, I see an unlimited series where it is impossible to collect the full set with only free packs and a little trading.

(Ryan M) #3

Perfect. . Now I just bide my time until the Jubi’s sets start to get Replicated. .

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(Lonelee) #4

@7nik: Its not impossible. There is a credit pack only with variants for those who want them all…:wink:

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(Sima Seal4) #5

So it’s pay2win. Great. Just what I want in Neonmob.

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(Lunacrescentia) #6

I don’t think quality of life improvements to paying members means pay to win, neonmob isn’t a competitive game, it’s supposed to be relaxing collecting…

(Sima Seal4) #7

The meaning of “Pay2Win” is you can only reasonably complete a task in a game if you spend money. There’s legit no way you can get all 100 variants unless you get very lucky. It’s not “quality of life” at that point.

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(Peopleschampion) #8

I guessing the people who asked for this set in particular are willing to take a chance of getting those 100 variants. Does the fact tha only 10 people will finish Gallaxelle had diminish your interest in collecting?

(Lunacrescentia) #9

the series in context wasn’t even meant to be finished before the reprint. you could’ve finished it if you spent money before, what’s the difference now?

(Sima Seal4) #10

That’s the reason why I open it if I have nothing else to open.

(Ryan M) #11

ProTip: Don’t collect series that are Credit-only or would require you to buy Credits to complete. Simple.

It may be Pay2Win if you’re an avid collector or completionist, but NeonMob is definitely not a Pay2Play website. You’re welcome to enjoy the rest of what NeonMob offers for free.

(Lunacrescentia) #12

Also, just keep in mind that you only have up to 27 packs per day and that means you need to think about which series you really want to collect. neonmob never promised that it would give you all you want but i’m still having fun collecting on it so if you find a series so compelling that you want to pay for it, pay for it, if you don’t then don’t.

(Wyando) #13

I don’t see this as a pay2win, but more as a pay-to-honor-the-creator. It is great to finish a series with free packs, but those I do like very much, I don’t mind to open a few credit packs to they get some award as just karma…

(Wyando) #14

I take the challenge. There is enough time. I guess I get the core probably completed with my 3 packs a day. There will be some variants. At some point I will decide to go for all the variants… or not. I just have to pay attention to (total-variants-I-have minus 100) minus December 31st 2019. That day I have to open my one credit pack a day to get each day a variant, hopefully be able to trade dupes.
(But as I know myself, I probably will start (total-variants-I-have minus 100)x2 minus December 31st 2019, so I can use one credit pack every 2 days, to I still can use credit packs on other series.)
Oh, yeah, I have set myself a limit of 1 credit pack a day (and on sundays 2). The will not make any artist rich, but I just hope and imagine, that I am not the only one, who used credits to open packs :wink: