Regular = Leader?

(Sima Seal4) #1

I’ve noticed that EVERY SINGLE person who is a regular is a leader. Was this a recent promotion? Or is that a glitch? Or are the 2 ranks the same now?

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Not a recent promotion, more likely a glitch. I need to go through the forums entirely and redo all the badges and achievements, but wanting on similar milestone revisions on the platform so I can somewhat match on here. It will be a long-term project through the end of 2018.

If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Joe @ NeonMob

(Joe @ NeonMob) #4

Sorry, let me clarify … No one will lose badges. Some existing badge names might be slightly altered in rare cases. My main goal is to add MORE badges with some secrets ones tied to in-game points. I hope that additional badges and rewards will spur more engagement, but need to find a good balance so members won’t post irrelevant items in an attempt to win some predetermined award. I want the forums to remain a good place for collectors to gain information about NeonMob as well as a helpful resource for trading and expanding their collection. As I said, work in progress :slight_smile: - Joe @ NeonMob

(Sima Seal4) #5

Speaking of badges, the new user of the month badge says that 2 people will be chosen but only 1 has been chosen each month.
Also, secret badges? Exiting!

(GreenSpleen) #6

I think it would actually be pretty cool if collectors could earn creator-exclusive badges! Like for all the people who enjoy my series and collect them till completion, they earn a GreenSpleen-related badge! :open_mouth: :bulb: :smile:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #7

I still have a lot of work to do with the forums, but it is a cool idea. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Sima Seal4) #9

I would want it to be possible for everyone to have all the badges, and if there are creator specific badges it kinda ruins the whole “I’m collecting this because I really like it, not for the points/badges.

(Mckayrulez) #10

I don’t really care about the forum badge thing myself, but in regards to the creator badge idea, I don’t think it ruins anything. It just adds a little more for what you like to collect. You like a series, collect it, and besides the cards, you get a small bonus added to the whole experience. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy badge, like say the creator doesn’t want to go to the trouble just auto select to the series thumbnail.

Anyway, I don’t think it will alter peoples perception much, if at all. It’s not like people will suddenly feel obligated to go out of there way to get forum badges of series they don’t want to collect in the first place unless they’re some sort of completionist, and if they had that problem, they would already be doing that in neonmob without the badges, because cards are a lot cooler and are the whole point then one tiny icon. :man_shrugging:

Besides, maybe it would actually get people on neonmob to realize there is a forum, if right when they finish a series, and the pop-up about points shows up and states on the bottom something like “Here’s your earned Badge on the forums.” :sparkles: With a small thumbnail and a link to go see your collection of badges as a whole, it could be like free Neonmob forum advertising, and might help pull more people in? Because, how many people really use the forums anymore? Not to mention only 741 users (using the basic badge total) that we know of actually used it, and some of those people only came here to let us know they where leaving and giving away there cards, lol. I don’t know, just a thought. :thinking: Sorry if this came across as all over the place, I ramble. lol :wink:

(GreenSpleen) #11

No, you were spot on! I completely agree. :sunglasses: I think it would be a nice addition to the stuff Neonmob already offers and puts the forums into more of a center stage…because this site really is about community.

And for creator-exclusive badges, wouldn’t it be super fun to say you support a specific artist on the platform and want to show off more than your cards from them? Like for example: I’m a pretty big fan of Mythka on Neonmob and having collected their series for a while now, how awesome would it be to earn a badge that said: Dragon Tamer or something? Because Mythka draws a lot of beasts…