Ranestory 2: The International Class

(Megarose) #1

I’ve proposed a pro series as a ‘sequel’ to Rane Story: The Scraps. The working title is Ranestory 2: The International Class. I want to eventually get a better title than ‘Rane Story’ because it’s not REALLY about Rane so much, but for now it works. It hasn’t been approved yet (plz vote) but I’m working on it anyways because there’s a bunch of characters I want to flesh out regardless of what I do on Neonmob. I thought maybe people would like to see!

Rane Story 1 is about Rane Angerfang, an angry space dragon, and Crassa Hamathyaathriel, a timid space tree. They’re the main characters, but the story I eventually want to tell is an ensemble piece about their entire class. Everyone in their class is some kind of important person, usually royalty or something similar. They have interpersonal issues to overcome but also occasionally have to deal with their respective planets declaring war on each other, or declaring war on their school. I want every single classmate to have a backstory, which a lot of them don’t have yet.

There are 17 kids in class, and I want each of them (plus the teacher) to have four cards dedicated to them: a biography, a description of their homeland, a rundown of their combat skills, and a look at their future. Important related figures (usually literal relatives) might also get cards. I’m working on these things in a text document, but it’s slow going. But here’s all the kids:

I figure I’ll just post progress every so often. I’m hoping to get some feedback on what characters people like!

(Megarose) #2

I realized that the progress pics I posted are all the ‘future’ cards of the kids as adults. Here’s some of the basic cards that show the characters in uniform and will have a basic bio attached.

The international class’s homeroom teacher. Recently graduated, freshly hired, and highly promising, Linrin has all the qualifications for teaching the international class but none of the experience. She was prepared for everything except teenage attitude.

The teacher’s aid. As a sophomore Serivar is supposed to be more mature and more responsible than the other kids in the international class, but he tends to start most of the fights. As the oldest son of a high-ranking Bragandine military leader, Seri’s career path has already been laid out for him. Attending Unity Stars is merely to enhance his resume.

Rane will take any excuse to get into a fight, and when she jumps to the defense of a bullied classmate she finds herself acting as a full time bodyguard. Her new companion Crassa turns out to be a prince from an invading empire, and together they end up fighting against a galaxy of magic trees. Crassa makes it no secret that he’s madly in love with Rane…who’s okay with that, maybe. But don’t tell anyone.

A prince of a fallen nation who retreated to the stars with his family and turned to a life of crime. Captured during a failed raid on a merchant starship, he was sent into the custody of his elder brother, who had married into a rival kingdom. Bonba has a second chance at a respectable life, but he’s completely obstinate and filled with spite. The hope is that boarding school will straighten him out.

All of the bios need work, I may have to separate any info on interpersonal relationships into their own cards.