Queue Series anyone?

(Pandite) #21

Those were separate as in, pay like 10 bucks to incease max pack capacity ( and vvhatever else NM prime could include) and a small percentage of total earnings could go to to th creators, since they make all the cool stuff for us and all

(Wyando) #22

I must admit, the more I think about it, the more I dislike such an option. Shouldn’t packs be open actively instead of automagically during your sleep?
I could imagine a monthly membership fee, which gives you 24 free packs a day (or the free packs during your sleep time), but then again… it were no “free” packs anymore… (also, what about the one who works at night and sleep at day?!)

I rather would love to see better search options, more sophisticated when it comes to possible trades. Would pay a membership for that!

(Sima Seal4) #23

Why pay membership when u can use neonmob turbo?

(Carebear1646) #24

didn’t know this existed- can’t open it on my work computer though

(Mckayrulez) #25

Honestly, auto opening just sounds lazy and entitled to me. It would also take away from the community interactions with the trading aspect. Because with more packs being open then people usually get around to, let alone with no actual effort put into it, that can mean people could leave for a few days, come back and find they finish a set without lifting a finger! This also detracts from Neonmob and the creators, as even more free packs are being opened then bothered to being bought.

(7nik) #26

mckayrulez, have you read the thread? As pagodapanda said it must be very restricted — only a few auto opening packs for a few or even single day.
Now, if you really want to finish all your serieses, you can simultaneously collect [by opening free packs and trading] no more than 6-7 series. Of course, you can open only one-two packs per series but then increases a risk of getting unfinished series that out of print. This feature allows you to collect one-two additional series. And if you want to finish them quickly and start next series you have to trade to get missing cards.

(Mckayrulez) #27

My example was extreme but that was the point of what could happen. I know people say it would be ‘limited and restricted’ but it still doesn’t diminish my concerns on that specific point.

As for what pagodapanda stated about allowing people to increase max capacity, I didn’t say anything on it because I’m fine with that.

Edit: Also really, it seems like we get 6-5 months for collecting a series. If your major concern is left with unfinished sets I don’t know what to tell you if half a year isn’t good enough. Well unless it’s the sets with 100 plus cards but those aren’t the norm. lol

(Peopleschampion) #28

The risk of not finish a set you like is minimal, with 3 packs you can do a small set (13 cards/2 chases) in a couple of weeks. The longer it took to finish was Robowars, 4 and a half months for a set with 26 chases. And there’s plenty of dupes in current sets, infinite cards made harder to find compatible traders, since most need very few cards to finish after a while. Also, you can use points, and you know, buy packs.

I know this because I used to do a post each month for series about to be out of print, but after a while the activity is that tread declined because a big chunk of people interested (and active here) already finish, or can cross trade easily. There’s no pressure.

(7nik) #29

You have years to collect some series. But what about season series? Or For a Season (Phase I) with 10 chase cards that available only one and a half month? (10 chases * 1 chase per 20 packs / 3 free packs for a series per day = 66,(6) days, hence it impossible to collect all chases without trading). And even if you will spent your point to open additional pack you still need 50 days. And it if you start collect from the first day and every day.

(Mckayrulez) #30

Exactly! If people want a series it’s not that bad right now. It’s been a while so I can’t remember with 100 percent certainty but didn’t it used to be just 6 packs a day before they changed it to the timer? Which gave us a lot more cards, now there’s a point system to get even more and now people want even more cards when they sleep. It’s crazy. That’s why my example was extreme because more and more changes keep being made that keep adding more and more cards. It’s just a slippery slope.

(7nik) #31

I assume (I not so long here and don’t have the statistic to prove the assumption) that community of the site increases = increases the number of series = you need more packs to collect all interesting series.

(Mckayrulez) #32

More free packs and collectors doesn’t necessarily mean more interesting series will be put up.

Look, we can have both have our opinions. There’s probably no downside to people who just collect packs on neonmob, so of course they’d love more options. I mean I don’t pay for packs either because there’s no point to do so. Which is my whole point against even more free packs. It’s very easy to collect now. I’m very grateful for those few that still do though pay. They’re amazing. That’s why I’m fine with peoples membership ideas and paying for max pack size.

I hope this doesn’t come off as off topic because this is why I view queueing as a bad option. All I can say is I’m coming from the mindset of someone who used to be (and wishes I still was lol) a neonmob series creator, so I’m worried for the amazing and talented artists that still are. I can’t give you other peoples statistics but I’ll give you mine. People collected 87,276 free packs of my series and that was before this point pack option. 308 where bought, (and 139 of those packs sold came from 1 series having 125 cards. So if that series didn’t have so many cards that probably wouldn’t have happened.) Now I wonder how much lower that has become for others now that collecting is so much easier and people want it to be even more easier that they don’t even have to collect it themselves.

Sure, there’s probably plenty of artists that will continue to put up series even if they don’t get paid, but not all. Think of the lack of incentive now, let alone the grueling voting process to even get picked to make a series. I know I keep trying to get more series to go through but guess I just don’t get enough votes or 6 series was enough and they’d like new talent. :thinking:

Anyway, that’s my two cents, :brain: but again I completely understand why other’s would want more cards, I just want to be considerate of our card artists. :dark_sunglasses:

(Pandite) #33

Actually, none of that even came up as a concern. I do acknowledge that some series are released for a short amount of time and others have months to years, but none of that had anything to do with the idea. The only inspiration for it was the thought of people’s schedules and such, what with sleeping and working or school. I mean to only suggest a small fix for that. not exactly a fix but more of a “well at least I got SOME of those packs redeemed…” situation.
I don’t even think 3 more free pack redemptions would change much of anything in terms of trading and stuff considering the restrictions proposed.

(Kyourine) #34

Three packs may seem small, but remember that this is not only one account with an option for three more free packs, but all accounts on Neonmob. When you consider that cards circulate within the community, within trades and such, three packs is already a whole lot. I assume it can change the dynamic.

From a collector’s point of view, this is indeed nice – more cards, after all. From a creator’s, however…
I’ve only recently started being active (as well creating), but I’ve heard that after the site was remodelled, people bought less packs, and this, I imagine, will lessen the demand for paid packs even more.

Just my two cents on the topic.

(Mbannist) #35

I think that a lot of calculations are being based on the very aspect that was first highlighted, that is that passive collecting is not what neon mob is really about. If you want to take that route then there are several options available to get more free packs (trading duplicates for points) or simply buying packs, often with more cards and always with better odds… Trading is at the heart of this game and if you reduce the need to trade you reduce the community spirit that is developing here. I would love more cards and sometimes I miss getting my entitlement because I get sidetracked on another project. That is what the commitment principle is. Getting all my packs means I have to be on the ball, most days I am not. That’s my issue not NM’s