Questions about submitting pro series

(Insert Disc 2) #1

Just a few questions I’m having trouble finding answers to.

1: How often am I allowed to submit series for voting, is there a time frame I should follow between submissions? I have two series I want to submit but after submitting the first I don’t know how long to wait until I submit the second.
2: If a pro series doesn’t work out can I still submit it as an amateur series or is it one try per series? If so how long should I wait?

This site is awesome and I want to make sure I follow the rules, I’m just having trouble with these two as I can’t find clear answers. Any help is appreciated.

(Mckayrulez) #2

You are limited to one submission per day. - If your wondering where to find info about that, when you click “Submit your Pitch” it states this and more about their policy under the ‘Describe your idea’ box.

As for the amateur thing, I believe you can. However, if you become an established pro series artist it’s possible you wont be able to submit amatures anymore. I don’t know if it’s stated as such anywhere, but that’s what happened to me. The community manager is nice though and helped me out when I had that problem.

As for how long you should wait, it’s difficult to say. It’s hard to get a series voted in. However, given your series already has 48 likes, I think you have a nice chance, so good luck to you! :wink:

(Insert Disc 2) #3

Thanks for clarifying. I’m new to submitting series so this really helps.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #4

Pro submissions are limited to one per day like Anna said … but please don’t submit multiple entries for the same idea (one entry per idea total). If a pro submission doesn’t work out, you can submit as amateur. Once a creator is published as pro, or has release 2-3 amateur series, the amateur feature is no longer applicable to them and all future series must be submitted as pro for community vote.

Let me know if you have any more questions, happy to help.

Joe @ NeonMob