Premature Out-of-print?


Am I the only one getting this glitch(?)

In the Recent Series page, you have the option to filter out series that still have free packs, I turned it on and got this.
This issue has been there for at least 2 days now, with 2 series I have completed but aren’t OOP yet: Sitcom Protocol 2 (which just went OOP) and Planet: Extra Mag (with probably a few hours left, I can’t check since the series’ page only contains the release date).
I don’t know whether it was because I have completed them. Nonetheless, I still want to obtain more cards from these series for trading and this really bum me out.

Planet: Extra Mag was set to go out of print today, April 12th, at 12PM Pacific having completed a 6 month run. This series closed as scheduled. The filter should have removed the series so we will look into it. If this persists and does not resolve itself, please let us know. Thanks! - Joe @ NeonMob

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The cards still display an infinite number of copies, usually once they went OOP they show the number of copies.

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Problem is I’ve had this issue for at least 2 days now, before the series is set to run out.

So that’s 2 days I’ve been locked out of getting any card

I remember the last time I opened packs for Sitcom Protocol 2, the timer countdown said there was 23 hours left, and yet when I checked back 9 hours later, it went OOP just like this

OK that is a problem then, you should be able to open packs all the way through until the out of print kicks in. I will send this thread over to the team so they can check it out. - Joe @ NeonMob

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Thank you for your help! Hope you guys can fix it soon

Having a similar issue with Rane Story: The Scraps. On the website it says the series is out-of-print and the series details page doesn’t show an out-of-print day at all. Trying to trade cards from the set shows an infinite number of copies.


The iOS app seems to be working fine though, the series is still openable and says there are 13 hours left.

image0 image1


Happened again with Danse Macabre, which still has at least 6 hours left by my calculation. The iOS app appeared to be working fine though I’m not sure

This appears to be a timezone issue on our end. We are looking into a fix. - Joe @ NeonMob

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Thank you for your hard work. I live in Vietnam so maybe that’s a factor? Though I’ve never had this issue before until now

It happened again, this time with W Portrait 2 and Planet: Content Patch (Disc 2), both had 18 hours left and went out of print 2 hours ago. I’m guessing the app still works because someone opened packs 30 minutes ago. The cards still show an infinite number of copies.

Please tell me you guys are looking into a fix as this is still an issue for me and a friend who can’t play on the app as she has android

Seems my theory of them only going OOP once the core was complete is incorrect, since my friend hasn’t finished Planet Content Patch 2 and it’s already OOP for her

Yeah dreamhaven said 19ish hours around midnight EDT, but only 6ish hours later it’s OOP? Any updates Joe @vagrantscout?

As posted in the other forum thread:

Both series have been discontinued. This is not a time zone issue on the user side so please do not change your time zone in an attempt to circumvent the system. I have initiated a bug report with our team to look into the disconnect here between time on the web and time on the iOS app.

If you go to Collect in browser, above you recently opened sets, you can se a Milestone Suggestion, both sets I was collecting remain active and I can succesfully buy a pack from W Portrait 2. I tried with Planet but it was labelled as out of print 10 minutes ago.


All series with out of print dates set for May 31, 2019, have now been discontinued. The timing issue is a bug and the team is looking into a resolution. - Joe @ NeonMob