Please trade me!

(Arcanamoon) #1

I would love it if someone could trade me…I’m really in a trading mood right now but I haven’t been that successful lately. While I’m open to all reasonable trades, it would really make my day if you traded me any of these specific cards:

Card name and series below

-Shiva Art of Devas
-F 01 Sarasvati Art of Devas
-Orange-Breasted Sunbird Colorful Birds
-Red Breasted Cardinal Colorful Birds
-Dark Water Elemental Post Dark Elemental
-Dark Elemental Dark Elemental
-Img 6354 Dawn to Dusk
-Img 3562 Dawn to Dusk
-Rainbow Love Rose Magical Roses
-Garnet Dragon II Mythic: Dragon Series 1
-Jade Emperor Dragon Mythic Dragon Series 1
-Fog Dragon Mythic Dragon Series 1
-Angel Raggedy Animalia
-Neon Raggedy Animalia
-Crystal Nature Tales of Viridis (Chapter 1)
-Albatros Tales of Viridis (Weaponry)
-Wishkey Tales of Viridis (Weaponry)
-Demon THEM
-Capricornus Zodiac Artwork

Then I’m also open to pretty much anything from Dragons, Elementals and Fractal Herbarium! Thankyou in advance!
Special thanks to Kara Redwing, Nathan, Lavalliere and Satine ZEBRASPOONIE!