Physical Copy of Cards?

(Manly Unikorn) #1

I’m working on a hair dye series found here and I had an idea.

After releasing the series on the site, printing them out as a limited edition set so there would be physical copies available. Each card being the size of a poker card with the artwork on the front and maybe some information on the back (such as rarity, card name, number of print, etc). An idea to make it more exclusive to neonmob is, the complete card set would be for sale only to collectors who have been able to collect the full series.

Is this an idea you would be interested in? Do you have any suggestions to improve it?

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(Ryan M) #2

There are definitely a few sets I own (and a few I don’t, yet) that I would love to have as physical copy sets to display/collect. This sounds like a great idea for the artists willing to do so, and for us collectors as well

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(Manly Unikorn) #3

thank you for your feedback ^^ Do you think the concept of having it be exclusive to neonmob collectors who have already completed the digital set makes the idea more interesting or do you think it might be too restrictive?

(Alex Dayz) #4

Seems like an interesting idea. I actually do have a physical copy of my own armature series the size of poker cards, since I find it quite fun to work at such a small scale. I think having it exclusive to collectors who have already completed the digital set is better since they’re the most likely to want a physical version of them

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