People who dont trade at all but have have dupes of what you need

(dave d) #41

My experience as well.

Once or twice a month I send out 50-60 trades, mostly commons, and all at 1:1 count/rarity or better in favor of the other person. I get around 80% accept rate, with 10% decline and 10% expire. I’ve been doing this about a year.

I’m generally a lot more generous offering trades than accepting. That is, I may offer better than fair to others, but rarely ever accept worse than fair to myself.

(Jaegis) #42

I do that too, and the luck’s come back round my way so I keep doing it. Sometimes the value proposition difference is too high but hey, value proposition doesn’t matter as much as others finishing series! :smile:

(Hardyhero) #43

I know you are trying to “help me” to change my opinion.
I have enought reasons to think this way. Also, most of my friends I invited to play together was gone.
They stay for a month and gave up, saying the same thing.
I have absolutely no problem with declined trade.
The general rule here is: always the fair tarde is the trade that benefits me.
Especially if the person knows you need that card to complete the collection.
The person extorts you.

If you’re really going to complain about how it’s common sense that virtual cards are valued, you’re on the wrong site…

So I cant say this but you can say the opposite? Why? Do you have more rights? And because I think different I have to leave the site? Or I have to leave the site because you think I have to leave? Or you are trying to say that “your card (opinion) is more valuable than mine”?

(Jaegis) #44

That’s… Not true at all? Fair trades are fair, like a one for one ER trade, or a VR for two R’s… I’m not trying to change your opinion, I’m saying you’re making a gross overgeneralization of the community. People have offered me trades which i felt were in my benefit, while I’ve offered trades that were in other people’s benefit. Point is, there are people who actually do play this game for fun and don’t care about value so much as helping people out, and out of the highly active users, they’re the majority. I don’t know what kind of trading you’re doing but there’s a whole bunch of intricacies to trading on neonmob and this “extorting” might actually be reasonable trades that you think are unreasonable because your trading is different from theirs. Finally, there was nothing in what I said in the last statement that implied telling you to leave the site, so don’t make an argument out of it. The literal meaning is, if you’re going to complain about people valuing virtual cards, why are you on a site where people value virtual cards? Because I don’t understand, if you’re so frustrated about how things work here, what is your goal in complaining? As a person who plays other games often, you either adapt to the playstyle, or you don’t play the game? You can be a generous trader, a fair trader, or a horrible trader who gets no luck because your trades don’t make sense. You can also be a meticulous trader who figures out the “meta” of trading. You can even choose to disable trading and just build your collection by opening packs if you hate how people are such “individualistic greedy traders”. But people aren’t just going to continuously give you cards that are nice just because, they want to build their collections too. Thinking that way is idealistic and naive. You can’t change the core mechanics of the community… There’s a way to “play” that most people abide by and neonmob even encourages this play style.