People who dont trade at all but have have dupes of what you need

(JB) #21

NO. If I paid for my cards, they are mine - end of story. I shouldn’t have to log in every X amount of days to keep my property. There is another thread talking about this too.

(Pepumu) #22

You are correct, I forgot to mention i was thinking about people who haven’t paid for their cards, it would be an awful move to take someones cards once they paid for them no matter how much time passes.

(dave d) #23
  1. Weekend trading is very slow. I typically offer 30-50 trades between Friday and Saturday evening, and don’t really expect much response until Sunday evening and Monday morning.

  2. I get 90% response rate usually, eventually, and few declines, I think because I only trade with A+ traders and I offer square trades.

  3. I typically don’t “chase” cards, because I usually don’t care if I complete a set. Strangely, I end up completing a lot of sets anyway.

  4. For people with 1 copy of a card, it’s tricky. I recently acquired Iceberg Falls after years of looking/watching, from someone who I had developed a trading history. During a chat session, he indicated some (sold out) cards he wanted really badly, and was willing to let go of his Iceberg Falls single. I seriously doubt this would have transpired on a blind offer.

  5. People who know you will be more willing to trade with you when they know you’re in it for the long haul, you’re not running a bunch sock puppet accounts and ripping off Neonmob, and you have offered good trades to them in the past.

(Xephia) #24

In real life, if someone buys a card from a limited edition series, and keeps it locked up in their attic, a few years later that card is going to be a lot higher valued than it was before, as many people would have forgotten about or destroyed their own copies. That’s a huge part of what makes trading cards fun - the changing of values and rarity over time. I think this is a really important part of the site and I don’t think people should be considered bad for holding onto cards they think might go up in trade value over time.

(Melmar) #25

I believe after year trading and reading post it is important to be patient but quick in collecting your series of cards. Patients is in understanding that not always will someone trade today , however may tomorrow or even next year lol. Quick is to know and act when series is popular and will run out of print in matter of weeks like neon star wars and collect even if it not your fav. Because it gives you cards to trade you care little for and gives power to optain cards you so dearly wish for. More to options to trade and more other traders will find you and trade with you. Example I compiled entire series of cards without opening one pack through trading. Remember Rome was not conquered in day. All comes to those that are patient and vigilant .
Advice from antiquated soal learning to post and collect art in digital world of “LAwn mower man” lol.

(Zachary Nicoll) #26

Another thing to remember for this particular issue is that the prequel sets are VERY hard to complete. I think each set has one extremely rare print at 1000 prints. Even if I had dupes of those, I wouldn’t give them up for a 10 print chase (with a couple of exceptions, of course). Chances are whoever you were trying to get it from gets a ton of offers for that dupe, doesn’t think any of them are worth it, and has grown very tired to responding to bad trades for it.

The only reason I have the prequel sets completed is because I built up a rapport with other traders over time, and like @mtngrown, finally came to some agreeable arrangements. It’s definitely a slow game, getting your hands on the super rare prints of NeonMob.

(Ricky) #27

Some people didn’t join to trade cards. They aren’t interested in that part of the community. Now of course they should just deactivate the trading option but still, it’s their cards and no one has a right to them.

(Kismo) #28

I have just DL the app and honestly cant even see how you send a trade if they made it a little simpler yo send maybe people would be more open to trading in general

(Ricky) #29

@kismo I don’t think the app allows for trading at all really. It’s mostly for collecting packs and viewing them. We can’t even really view other people’s profiles in the app. I imagine that programming side hasn’t integrated the trading side or any of that yet but the app is really nice for making the works into phone wallpapers and the like at least. It’s a good start and I imagine there’s many a programmer working furiously at that stuff.

(Eiriee) #30

They’ve posted on facebook they’ll be adding proper trading to the app soon.

(Boltlighting7) #31

The only thing about trading that discourages me when they decline without a message. In my head I’m practically screaming at them but I can’t blame them since it’s their card. The only other thing is when you have a series that someone is collecting and you’re trading for duplicates and they still decline even if the trade is fair.

(Yoonnieyoon) #32

I really try everything to make a good trade and sadly sometimes I don’t have time to reply explaining why but I get you. There are some user where you make the right offer or a great offer and still refuses even when the person has like 4 samples of the same card. I think it’s a bit unfair and mean.

(Ricky) #33

You don’t know why they are doing that. They may just want to collect a lot of that set, including duplicates. There are some sets where I like some cards and don’t care for others. I agree that not responding isn’t being a part of the community though.

(K Leary93) #34

I can understand wanting to have more then one card of what you like a lot or one that you paid real money for. However if there was a option to turn off trade requests and not appear in the owners list for which ever duplicates you want to keep for yourself, that would make it a tiny bit better. But what I don’t understand is someone who decline a trade without reason or letting the trade expire just because they want to keep the cards.

(mika) #35

I came across this experience and these users are trading–only not collecting the series I need a card of, I asked why and most of them not replying and some say want to keep it and it dupes. I get that you want to have some popular/favorite/out of print/whatever cards a lot because you earned or paid for it, but hoarding is never a good thing. You may call me bitter but really I do think it’s selfish.

(Jaegis) #36

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Whether it be by lopsided trades, luck, being a nice person, forming some sort of agreement, talking to the right people or just waiting long enough to get to the point where you have something they are willing to trade for, if you really want something bad, you can definitely do it. Managed to finish Space Friends and Arcanum Tarot (which both ran out of free packs around when I started) this way. Good luck on whichever series you’re trying to collect! :slight_smile: (Obviously there are some cases where it is almost impossible, but always hold out hope :smiley: )

(mika) #37

yeah i guess i just had a bad day, thank you for your positivity! I will try better :slight_smile:

(dave d) #38

Bad days happen, and sometimes those of us who don’t always reply (or even decline) get to reap that bitter harvest.

For a recent example, I offered a 500 count R for a much higher count R, the trade would have completed both our sets.



The card I was (and still am) looking for is a Dodge Club blue, in case anyone is wondering…)

I don’t take any of it personally. I’m super busy, and probably many other people are also super busy, and sometimes it’s just easier to decline everything which isn’t a slam dunk, rather than spend the time to figure out whether the trade solves a problem.

On a related note, I’ve been on NM about 3 years now, and have learned that 1. I’m not going to be able to collect everything, or even most things now (not even Eric can do that now), and 2. patience pays off in a big way. Once in a while something I really want falls into my lap.

(Hardyhero) #39

In my humble opinion, I have the Neonmob as the site with one of the highest concentration of stingy people have ever seen.
There are some very good people here. But they are the minority.
Most do not know anything about the “trading cards spirit”.
Highly individualistic people, superficial, trying to take advantage of everything and give excessive sentimental values for virtual cards.
But… “the dysfunctional common sense” cries out that people have the right to be so.
Anyway. My personal opinion.

(Jaegis) #40

When I started I sent out 20+ trades per day for about 2 weeks. From that experience I can tell you that is a very hasty over generalization of the community. There are very few people I have met who have declined a trade without good reason. I have experienced so many random trades where people just throw in cards and expect me to accept the trade. You can’t do that on neonmob. Look at your cards, look at their cards, what do they want, what collections are they almost finished with, is the trade fair, should the trade be fair-er since that card is more highly valued, what are the card counts, what are the rarities, did you message the person if you don’t know something? Consider all that and more and you’ll definitely have more success. People aren’t stingy, they just have conditions. Learn those conditions and you learn how to NeonMob. Also, excessive sentimental value is in no way “dysfunctional common sense” just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean that it’s any less valuable. Are you telling me pictures shouldn’t be valued because they’re just fancy paper with ink on them? Should I not value money because it’s just cotton that’s made and society deems it to be valuable? The art on these digital cards and the accomplishment of finishing a set is why people are so “stingy”. But anyone can be convinced as long as you check all your bases. Sometimes you’ll still fail but that’s ok. If you’re really going to complain about how it’s common sense that virtual cards are valued, you’re on the wrong site…