People who dont trade at all but have have dupes of what you need

(Suzukipc) #1

This makes me so sad
Ive only seen 2 people own duplicates of Spreading the Love from the Daydreams (Prequel) set and this one person I’m trying to trade with is an active user, but his trading grade is F
the other person doesn’t seem to be active anymore, everyone else has just 1 copy of the card
And I dont really wanna ask them cuz that makes me feel bad o|O<

Ever experienced this? What do you do about it? ;o;

(Mamikochan) #2

I’m only new, but those people are the bane of my existence already.
I sent out like 30 trades over the weekend and only had two responses…

(Suzukipc) #3

Ugh, ikr
been trying to trade with this active user who has a duplicate of an extremely rare card I needed, gave a few extremely rares and stuff he didnt have

but it really looked like he was gonna let the trade expire

even after modifying, he didnt respond
im like whYY

the other person who has a duplicate of what I needed has been inactive for 4 months already o|O<

(Mamikochan) #4

Some people are meanies >_> and they don’t care.
I care. I come here every day without fail…
I can’t wait until I make my first set. I just need my camera battery charger to get here :smiley:

(Suzukipc) #5

good luck when you do your series btw!

And yes, thats very true :C

(Ark) #6

I totally get what you’re talking about, I once sent maybe 15 trades in one go, and got 3 or 5 replies (this was 5 months ago so I don’t remember exactly ;P). Feel free to send me trades, I know my trader grade is currently a +B, my grade tends to go down over the weekend as I am more busy than :slight_smile: Link to my profile is here.

(Lmcusb) #7

People like this are bringing us down. I say we should have a “burn” feature where a card we don’t need can be returned to the draw pool in the form of a pack, so other people can get it.

(Teaandmilk) #8

No. Cards should never be forcefully taken away from users, unless it is obtained illegally. No one playing the game legitimately should be punished. Why are you forcing them to trade cards that they own? It is frustrating but they have every right to keep them.


i have the card your looking for, spreading the love right?

(Keara Adara) #10

I don’t think he means people who don’t trade; I think he means where people can voluntarily put cards back in the pool, since he said “cards we don’t need”. Not too sure though.

(Suzukipc) #11

Thats what Im looking for, you have the same username?

(Teaandmilk) #12

Oh- I must have interpreted it wrongly. Sorry :slight_smile: but there is a post buried in the forum that explains why it is a bad idea, most people will throw commons and uncommons in and save rare and above for trade, creating unbalanced odds. It also kind of sucks to get commons people don’t want when you need a higher grade card just because there are too much commons in the pool.

(Suzukipc) #13

I guess in the end we cant really do anything about inactive players haha

(Teaandmilk) #14

there has been suggestion of having a filter to remove them from the seekers/owner’s list until they are active again :slight_smile: if we can’t see who owns them, it doesn’t add that much salt to the wound, i guess. haha.

(Suzukipc) #15

Id love to see that, the past transactions I did with inactive users got me feeling all salty :c

(Harrisnathaniel Hendra) #16

before propose a trade, always go to their profile, see their “recent active” if recently then you propose right away, if not very acitve, move along etc. i did this method , avoiding unnecessary proposes that will only expire in 48 hours

(Suzukipc) #17

Yeah, I should remember to that more often

(Tzel) #18

It’s so incredibly frustrating. Depending how many rares there are in a set, only that many (not counting the damn hoarders) will actually be able to complete the series, there are going to be thousands of people who obtain all the cards except the rares. I’ve been trying to complete Mars Explorer for months, only a few people have dupes, they won’t answer, won’t accept my trades and the one person I could make a good exchange, isn’t open to trading. FML They say this is a “game/site” for collectors and completionists but it’s like their worst nightmare. It’s all based on luck to complete a series, even more so if you have to rely on 6 free packs a day and trading. I see people complete a large series when it just comes out, that’s fine if they blow their money on that but they then keep the dupes which are SEVERAL and trade them for really high prices.

(Pepumu) #19

Respectfully I think you’re overreacting, of course only a few people will have the full sets, thats what makes the card valuable, to say its a nightmare for collectors is a stretch, this happens with most collectibles, not everyone is supposed to have everything. You don’t have to rely on 6 packs a day, help the artists and staff out and you’ll get a lot more rares (paid packs seem to be more generous and honestly its a very reasonable prize). So yeah, If people come and spend money and hoard cards they are obviously more interested in them and they deserve keeping them, I see this as a good thing for both the artists and the site, meaning will have a lot more neonmob in the future.

(Pepumu) #20

But there should be a way to deal with deserters thats people who are not actually into collecting the cards and leave the site forever, closing an account after a long period of not login in is not a bad idea, 6-12 months would be nice, though I don’t see a good way to give back the cards, reopening the collection will make a mess with collections being sold out and being available again, and nobody can say who deserves to have a recovered card more than everyone else. Auctions might be the thing, and that might help the site get more income.