Paid Pack Dilemma

(ms.tree) #1

So I just spent nearly $100 on credits trying to get the one variant in Fantastical Animals that there are 70 copies of. Apparently only 45 copies have been obtained and the series is 91% sold out, and it goes OOP this September.

I never got it. :expressionless: Which seems UNBELIEVABLE to me. (8 creds for a mere 2 cards… :unamused:)
I now have beaucoups of common and uncommon cards that no one is looking to trade for. Which amounts to a lot of dollars absolutely wasted… :slightly_frowning_face: or at the very least dollars sitting in my collection gathering dust and basically rendered useless.

I feel like there needs to be some way of helping this kind of situation along.

What if there was something in place where we could turn in cards we’ve paid money and get back credits (eg 10 commons = 1 credit)? Or if we could swap cards we’ve bought that we have heaps of for a card from another paid pack that we don’t have any of (eg 10 commons for 1 common)?

I don’t know. >~<
But there needs to be something!

(Ryan M) #2

The game of chance can be a quite fickle mistress, sometimes. . The amount of cards I have for the ‘$k1n’ set that I used my credits on to get my last variants speaks to your dilemma.

(Wyando) #3

I know the feeling. I have a few series where there are only paid packs and where I am missing just a few, and each time when I open a paid pack, I wonder if there is still that missing card (mostly VR, ER or chases) available at all, as there is no easy way to check those numbers. It feels as I am just throwing those credits in a bottomless box.

I would wish that there are clear numbers of available cards per category all the time.

Now you could argue that put this situation in the “print” world would be the same situation, not knowing if the packs I buy would ever give me a complete set. But then again, at least in my days where I bought print cards this way (Star Trek TNG & co that was), I was able to buy a box which guaranteed of getting the core set complete at least once. (of course chase cards were a total other story). Often I ended with a few complete sets which could be easily sold to help finance the next box… :wink:

(Lonelee) #4

…did the same with Utopia before it got out of print but never got the last missing ER card in 80 packs or so. I still love and keep the incomplete set but I will never do that “mistake” again. So if I do not get the last card within reasonable amount of packs then I stop and leave it incomplete or trade the whole series away for something else…

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