Pack Odds for Amateur Sets

(JB) #42

It may not be for you, but the entire intent of this post was to address the issue with Pack Odds for Amateur Sets, and the admins shared that they heard concerns and are trying to work with us.

So feel free to start your own thread, or add to the numerous others that are talking about Pro Pack Odds and the drawbacks to the infinite print counts, etc - many of which I agree with mind you - so that your sentiments regarding Pro Packs do not get lost in a post about Amateur sets.

(Loimprevisto) #43

As long as we’re discussing amateur series, I figured I’d mention a few that I particularly enjoy. People might have missed these if they typically ignore amateur series… they’re not all MS Paint junk:

Photography sets
My Queensland
Animal Photos
My Nature View <-- Limited/non-infinite set
Planets and More

Other stuff
Pixel Dinos
Colorful Spheres
Desk of Utagawa Kunisada (volume 1)

(Samantai) #44

Happy to see I was wrong <3

(Loimprevisto) #45

Since the tweak for amateur pack odds, I’ve been focusing on completing several sets. Today with my 10 free packs I opened 2 chases, 2 ERs, and 2 VRs. Between the improved odds and the extended release time, I’m satisfied that the problem with amateur sets being impossible to complete has been resolved.

(mtso 💣) #46

I think it’s been about a week since the tweak (based off of the tweet); the first amateur series to be released after the tweak, Mirrors, definitely has better chances. It’s still early-ish, but I’d put the chances at 40%, 30%, 20%, 5%, 4%, and 1%. There should be a little better trading mobility between rare and very-rare.