Owners/Seekers lists

(Lafwyn) #1

Is there any way to be able to see the owners list of a certain card now the new tweaks are in place?

Because by replacing the “Owners” and “Seekers” buttons for simply the “Trade” button, everytime I click that on a card I already own I’m automatically send to the seekers list… And maybe I just want to know how many dupe owners there are (for trading purposes), or maybe I want to hoard more copies of a single piece because it’s my absolute favourite, or maybe I’m trying to get another copy for someone else…

I feel like I can’t do those things anymore and it’s rather disappointing ((I know I still could, but it’ll demand TONS of work…))

@vagrantscout??? @NeonShawn?? Maybe you guys know a bit more about this?

(Cloud9) #2

Please just change it back!

(Naud van Dalen) #3

They should make 2 tabs at the top: owners and seekers. That way you can switch between the 2. They could make the default just like it’s now: owners if you don’t have the card and seekers if you have the card, but at least you could switch between them.

(NightKrowe) #4

I ran into this exact issue when I tried to trade away my last card in a series, and wanted to see the owners of it so I could get an extra copy.

(Who8mypnuts) #6

I hear ya! I want it back the way it was too. The single “trade” button is highly annoying.

(JB) #7

Why is there no way to see who else owns a piece that you also own?
Usually when I have sets that have severely unbalanced pulls I try to trade away my extras for equal value, so I can share my extras, but trade for what I feel is equal value within a set, or I need an extra for trading demands.
Example 1: A set as 2 extremely rares - I pull 7 copies of one and I have just 1 copy of the other. I would like to know owners that have multiple copies of the print I only have one copy of so I can trade for an extra of it for the print I have 7 of. By looking solely at seekers, I have no way of knowing they have the print I want in exchange. I would rather know they have the print I want when I go to offer a trade. That way if they don’t have an equal value to exchange, I will still take the time to look at what they have, because they have what I am looking for.
Example 2: I am trying to trade for a piece I need, and they want a specific print I have only 1 copy of.
This happens, and when it does, sometimes instead of breaking a set, I may try to trade for an extra copy before I respond to a trade. I can’t do that if I have no way of knowing who has an extra to spare.
Even if you left the owner/seekers buttons on the set page when you pick a print to view would be at least something. There should be a way somewhere to see who else owns a print you do without having to propose a trade to every user on the site.

(Shawn) #8

A toggle between owners and seekers will be added to the trade partner selector until the full trade system revision has been implemented. The toggle has been added to our mid-October publish.

(Dorothee Rudolph) #9

Thank you for this! Personally, I collect several duplicates of each card on purpose for series that I love, so that at a later point in time I can trade someone the full series, for example if that user joined after that series went out of print.

(Who8mypnuts) #10

Thank you. It has been so annoying and disappointing to see the “owners” button go away.