Out of print on null?

Like it says on the image apparently Planet: Content Patch (Disc 2) is out of print, on null.
Others seem to still be collecting it but I can’t.

Seems to be the same for Dreamhaven

I’m just very confused and I’ve never seen this before and I haven’t been able to find anything else on it other than a post made by alechallward but they might not have had the same issue.

Have you switched device time by any chance?

Not that I can think of but I’ll look into it

If that’s what has happened I don’t know how to fix it or how it occured to begin with.
Works perfectly fine on my phone both browser and app so it probably has something to do with what you were talking about. Wasn’t like this two days ago so I assume something happened yesterday

Both series have been discontinued. This is not a time zone issue on the user side so please do not change your time zone in an attempt to circumvent the system. I have initiated a bug report with our team to look into the disconnect here between time on the web and time on the iOS app.

Ok thank you :smiley: