Opening old packs received in a trade

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I just received some packs in a trade. (This used to be an option and some packs are still out there in old accounts). But I can’t find anyplace to open these packs. If I start a trade, the packs are there. But if I go to the set information, it only offers me the current pack options, nothing for packs I already own. Any oldtimers know how this works?

Happy collecting :slight_smile:

(Nicodeamus) #2

Hmm, its been a while. Maybe they replace the 3 free packs once opened? I want to say I had a link to open them, kind of how the free promo packs work.

(JB) #3

Clarifying - It used to be on your personal collection page for that set (not the series page itself).

You would have a little pack icon in between the drop down list and the “open pack” button so you could open packs in your inventory. Doesn’t look like that was kept when they updated the collection page layout.

The only one I know of that is still around that does have packs is @turtleguyy
He might be able to tell you since he still has packs.

If not, I’m sure Joe @vagrantscout can chime in here!

(Joe @ NeonMob) #4

This is a little before my time, let me ask and get back to you. In the meantime, please do check the series pages for the packs you received and see if you have the option to open there as @silvermelowldy described above. - Joe @ NeonMob

(Varactyls) #5

I did check the Series pages, but I only see the regular pack button. Thanks for checking when you get a chance :slight_smile:

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I don’t see anything on the series page. I wonder if it only shows up on the collection page if you have any cards in the set? I only have the packs, no other cards. So, the series are not listed in my dropdown. We’ll see what Joe finds out. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #7

We have people looking into this. As this is an old feature we need to dig a bit … but don’t worry, we will testing things and find a solution. - Joe @ NeonMob

(JB) #8

One thing I do know - is that you have to have at least one print from the set you have packs from. The series wouldn’t even appear on your collection list until you did. This was always a glitch when we had the pack option.

Also when they were phasing out packs, admins warned users to open them by a specific date as there might be issues with redeeming/opening packs in the future. Obviously they aren’t taking them away - but there may be some technical issues to work through if they didn’t leave this option anywhere on the collection pages.

(Varactyls) #9

You are correct - I opened one regular pack (thankfully the set is still available) and now the extra button appears next to the dropdown. Thanks for the hint!

(JB) #10

excellent! glad I could help :slight_smile:

(Joe @ NeonMob) #11

OK … I finally received an answer in regards to these older packs from many years ago:

In a future update before the end of 2018, old packs will auto-empty the cards they contain into the user accounts of their owners. This pack system will then be removed from NeonMob.

(Peopleschampion) #12

May I suggest opening those packs in private, I mean without their content being published in the set’s page. I know some old collectors with a King’s bounty in older packs and I’m guessing chaos wil ensues once their packs are opened.

(Chess) #13

I have some old packs. I’ll lose them in the next 2 months sometime? I sure would like to keep them, just as a memento of old times and to sort of brag to others that I’ve been around awhile.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #14

Chess, unfortunately these older packs will all be removed as they are not compatible with our latest updates. - Joe @ NeonMob

(JB) #15

Has anyone warned @turtleguyy about the auto-opening of packs?
Last I saw he had a large cache of them, granted that was some time ago.
If he still does, his trading is going to blow up!

(dave d) #16

How do find out all the unopened packs I have?

It’s a bunch, including Journey to Vappouri, and Pink and Blue (heh), but I don’t know how to find the rest.

(Peopleschampion) #17

Open a trade with anyone>ADD, there’s a bracket when you can change cards to packs, you can see all of yours and the ones the person you’re trading with. I still have some amateurs.


(dave d) #18

Opening all 49 of my Journey to Vapourri decks now.

Will be opening more over the next few hours/days, Pink and Blue last.

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(dave d) #20

The net haul was 2 Madame Isabellas and 4 First Meetings.