Opened (Free) Packs Not Yielding Cards

(Ryan M) #1

I just used two free packs on ‘Tell Us A Tale, A Series’ and the packs wouldn’t/didn’t open and I got no cards from it. . Has anyone else had this issue?
@vagrantscout @NeonShawn just FYI

(Joe @ NeonMob) #2

Ryan, what is your username? - Joe @ NeonMob

(Ryan M) #3
(Ryan M) #4

I did open two of the Carat Packs for 25k/ea immediately prior to the two free packs, no issues with those however. Idk if that would have any bearing, though

(Mémoire de l'étoile de nuit) #5

I also have a problem with the cards not loading for this series as well. I don’t even know how many packs I opened.

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(Matej Bystricky) #6

Ehm, for me not even the pack selection is loading.

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(Iboo) #7

I’m having this issue with the pack selection just not loading as well, also I see people have been able to open more than one 25k pack a day where I have been limited to one a day?

(Lonelee) #8

…guess thats intentionally temporarily removed. I never opened any pack of this series and my pack selection is empty too.

(Joe @ NeonMob) #9

We were experiencing issues with the pack tiers for Tell Us A Tale and have temporary removed them all as we work to resolve the problem. We will get these back up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: - Joe @ NeonMob

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